Monday, May 26, 2014

Cornell and Ithaca Graduation Ruined by DWI Arrest

Oh the joys of graduation, I just came back from kid #2!

This year I saw my 2nd in line graduate college. Kid three is in his third year at BU, so I only have a full boat (4 years) on kid #4. Why do these events have to be "all day" affairs? Why do they have to encompass an entire weekend of eating out and partying? Sometimes it's like a wedding with a bridezilla,

Bridezilla can Also be GraduateZilla
This is "MY" Day!


A graduatezilla can be more terrifying than Godzilla. I'm the center of attention, no, more like the center of the universe. It's all about me, me, me!

Ok, I'm getting off track here but anyway,,,

JOY is Balanced by PAIN

Every year I witness the joys of Cornell and Ithaca College graduations, and every year the pain of another painful and costly DWI arrest. Often the elation, and the almost manic mentality of winning and succeeding draws is a balancer of sorts. The DWI comes unbidden, and puts a real dampener on the "moving" on plans.

Understanding the Graduation DWI

It is natural to want to celebrate victories. In graduation season we have a reason to "go overboard" with family and friends. You deserve this! You've earned this! Party! The extra drinks, the smoke, the shots, etc. all come rapidly and usually with little to no food. Operating on little sleep, add drugs, alcohol, and the stress of family = DWI.

Saturation (many policia) Patrols = Shooting Fish in a Barrel

Ithaca is small. Ithaca is isolated. Ithaca is really only 10 square miles. In this little burb nestled in the Finger Lakes the police have an easy time pulling over the erratic driver.

The Most Common Standouts of Improper Driving

1. Failure to put on lights after dark
2. Failure to use turn signals
3. Speeding
4. The "too wide" turn

Now you can be sober, and do all of the above. The problem is having alcohol and drugs in your system and doing ANY of the above. Once pulled over, it moves rapidly to a Common Law DWI arrest and potentially to a "per se" (blood alcohol concentration) DWI based on breath or blood alcohol.

The Key Lies in Prevention by Preparation

DDs (designated drivers) are the key to successful navigation of the graduation festivities.
Taxi please or Uncle Lou or Bob (someone has to be a reformed alcoholic).
Recognize all will likely party and party hard.

Don't play off the short drive. Don't play off the small intake. Any driving distance with any amount of alcohol will likely be amplified at time of the event.

Always consult with an attorney about any criminal or non-criminal charges you have pending to discuss your options and/or defenses.

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