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Ithaca Cortland Lawyer Possession of Controlled Substances vs. Prescription Drugs

In legal truth you do not have to have actual possession of anything to be charged and arrested for a possession crime (offense). In fact there are three types of possession:

1. Actual possession.

You have it on your person, in your purse, in your back pack, or in the waistband of your underwear. Some drug trafficking mules may even have in it located in parts unknown or ones we would rather not think about.

2. Constructive possession. 

You have control over an area or a place or a space. Maybe it is in your car, in your locker, in your apartment or your house or your garage. Under the law we say that you have dominion over it. You can unlock it, move it, or keep it secured from view or possession of another.

3. Presumptive possession.

This is one that many people are often surprised about. Everyone passing that  joint (the blunt, the pipe, the bong) at the party has presumptive possession. This is the hot potato syndrome. The potato is really everyone's and no one's, no one wants it but all possess it. Everyone in the car, everyone at the party, everyone in the room can be charged.

see my blogs and video on possession for more information.

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Ithaca Cortland Lawyer Penalties for Under 21 DWI/DWAI Drugs

Ithaca Lawyer A Real Shingle Hangs at 504 N. Aurora St., Ithaca, NY

I'm living my dream. When I told my friends five years ago where I was moving they recommended I see a therapist. I escaped the big city, and found a life nestled in the Finger Lakes. I wanted a place I could take long walks and deep breaths. My wife and I restored a charming home located in the Fall Creek neighborhood. Our four children walked to all their schools and my neighbors are well, neighborly. Last year we were on the Garden Tour.

For me the home is perfectly located. My home/office combo is three blocks from the downtown commons. Tompkins County Courthouse and the Ithaca Courts are merely a short walk away. The home is a grand old Victorian with three stories, three piece moldings, solid doors, porches, and glorious details. It was built in 1889, and still has the original fireplace and mantel.

I literally hung a shingle here, Lawrence Newman, Attorney at Law, and now feel that Ithaca is home.

504 North Aurora Street is more than a address to me much like Ithaca is more than a nice city or place to live. Something different, special, and unique is here. I have met a diversity of ideas, of people, and of philosophies that thrive. Ithaca and the Finger Lakes inspire me to grow and express. As the harshness of another winter winds down I look forward to the return of the incredible plants, flowers, and fruit. Ithaca Spring and Summer not only bring the sun but all the joys of those seasons.

In my past the practice of law (in the big cities) had become a pain and a drain at times. I do not feel that same way practicing here. As Einstein said, What is important can't always be measured and what can be measured is not always important. Well, I look forward to a long life, and a practice that is measured not by numbers but of the depth of my service.

Embracing a Paradigm of Transparency: Of Lawyers, Plumbers, and Layers of Separation

Not a day goes by that I am not amazed by something. So how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? Well how many people do I have to talk to and leave messages with before I get to speak to the lawyer that called asking "me" for advice?

Just yesterday I returned a lawyer's phone call. He wanted my help. Now it doesn't matter to me whether I was returning the phone call of a doctor, lawyer, or anyone else for that matter. What matters to me was that I went from his paralegal (first bulldog) to his personal secretary (second bulldog) to voicemail to hold, you got to be kidding,,, how important was this person. I call it the VFIP, you can figure that one out on your own. Needless to say, Obviously he was more important than me because he had all these layers of protection. He was well insulated. Noone and I mean Noone was talking to him without him knowing in advance who, what, when, and how.

Who are you?
What do you want?
What is this about?

I had to answer questions at each layer, which was one, frustrating, and two, draining to me. I was mad.
Contrast that with my plumber. When you have issues with your toilet, sewer, or heat I can tell you that the plumber is very important. I will even say my plumber is more important than that lawyer I was trying to call back. A plug for Mike Mahool from M and M Plumbing, Brooktondale, NY. 607-539-7677My boiler went out on Monday, and it was very cold (in the teens outside). Anyway, Mike gives out his cell phone. Mike's regular phone line also has his cell number for "anyone" with an emergency. I called Mike, he said he would be here in an hour, and he was here in an hour, thank G-d, and he fixed my heat. Now if you have a problem you want answers, you want help, and you certainly don't want to wait or leave messages with anyone.

Yes I get telemarketers, and crazy people calling me occasionally. The same phone that communicates with my mother, my wife, and my kids also communicates with real people with real problems. I like a simple life and a simple practice. It's a choice. Quite honestly I have had the big office, and multiple assistants. I left it years ago in favor of the home/office small town combo. My clients and everyone else for that matter know me by my first name.

As my mom says, "get off your high horse." Well I got off that horse, although I must admit that I am still at times an egotistic, arrogant, blank... just without a horse. I do know what people want these days.
They want to be able to talk to the people they hire whether for fixing a roof, repairing a toilet, or taking care of a legal problem quickly and easily. Obama says he envisions a government of transparency and I seek the same in my practice, my relationships, and the communication I have with the people I serve.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ithaca Cortland DWI Lawyer Understanding The Ignition Interlock Device

What Should I be aware of BEFORE installing the IID?

My Warnings/Cautions: 

If the car that is getting the install has issues (mechanical and/or electrical) with the following it "can" affect the function of the device:

low battery
alternator voltage
defective horn
untimed engine
frequent stalling

Check the car out throughly before it gets this device installed. People that do not (screen and fix) or place it upon a junker are not usually happy because the device will malfunction. This can then provide the monitor with false readings of intoxication.

                           2. Do not drink the night before you drive, or else the device may be triggered from alcohol still in your system (body). 

WARNING: A BAC of .05 is an automatic Serious Violation/Failure that will require a Court Appearance.

                           3. Do not use cologne, perfume, mouth wash, toothpaste, mints while in the car or with anything that could trigger the device

How is the device set up and used?

The unit is calibrated for up to .25 BAC before it triggers but that said I would not rely upon that as a number because your body naturally produces some alcohol.

-the unit will demand a start up test
-then an initial rolling test (within a random interval ranging from 5 - 15 minutes) 
-subsequent rolling tests, not to exceed 30 minutes

They will (the installer) give you more information, these are merely some highlights. 

What if I am in found in Violation?

A violation of a CD will result in your being re-sentenced by the Court. The matter can be re-opened, you can receive jail time, you can receive three years of probation, you can receive a longer term for the IID to be in place.

see my blog of June 2012 for the complete update

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Ithaca Cortland DWI Lawyer Explains Police Investigation Phases

Testing for sobriety has been around for many decades but "standardized" testing began in earnest in the 1970's. Dr. Marcelline Burns was commissioned to come up a battery of easily applied tests that could quickly and accurately gauge a motorist's sobriety at roadside. The final battery of three DWI tests she and her research team came up with are:

1. The walk and turn
2. The one leg stand
3. The horizontal gaze nystagmus test

They MUST be administered in a STANDARDIZED manner.

Standardized means testing done the exact same way every time.
Standardized means using specific criteria.
Standardized means using standardized instructions.
Standardized means specific scoring.

These are still the same exact sobriety tests for the past 35 years.  They are used in all 50 states. They have to applied, administered, instructed, directed, and scored in a specific manner, hence the term STANDARDIZED. Have I made it clear yet that the police can't willy nilly say do 10 steps instead of 9 steps or hold this position for 40 seconds instead of 30 seconds. The criteria are specific.

As to officer training, the SFST manual states:

"Upon completion of the training the candidate must demonstrate the ability to administer the SFST's in the approved sequence and appropriately document and interpret the results."

Why Must We Have Proper Police Administration?

"It is necessary to emphasize this validation applies only when the tests are administered in the prescribed standardized manner. The standardized clues are used to assess the suspects performance, the standardized criteria are employed to interpret that performance. IF any one of the standardized field sobriety test elements is changed the validity is compromised."
(P.VIII-19, SFST student manual, HS 178 R9/04).

Validity is COMPROMISED!  So the tests become invalid and hence the results from the tests invalid.
So maybe we really have sobriety, a sober person because the tester did not follow protocols?

Lawrence (Larry) Newman, D.C., J.D.

Doctor of Chiropractic
Attorney and Counselor at Law

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Three Good Reasons to Hire a New York Traffic Ticket Lawyer

With any defense of a ticket (charge) there are always potential: Factual challenges (did this happen) and Legal challenges (did the government act outside of their authority).

Requested (demanded) a supporting deposition. 

This is a sworn statement by the officer, trooper, or deputy that states under oath the probable cause for the citation. They (the Court/law enforcement) must supply one (upon a written demand) within 30 days time or you can motion the Court for a complete dismissal of the charges. This could be a KEY Legal Challenge.

Law Practice (and many other professions) is both an Art and a Science

Trust me when I tell you I have tried to save people time and money by having them do it themselves and they invariably mess it up. I recently had a professor go into Court (by himself) on a simple traffic ticket. I gave him some free advice. I don't know if it was his attitude or something else but he could not "close" the Judge. Judges have to agree along with DAs to reductions (changes). He then turned around and blamed me.

In other words, he went in like I told him, I guess he said what I told him? but I don't know if he came across cocky or arrogant but he couldn't get anything reduced or changed. Yes, often a familiar and trusted (or at least respected) legal face can get done what you cannot. That's why I hate giving Free Advice.

Persuasion is less the words than the form. Just Saying I love You, and being sincere (and meaning it) are two entirely different things. Convincing a Judge and/or a Jury is much more than words. Sometimes the plumber or contractor can turn the wrench one less turn or add something (from their experience) that you cannot, that is the way of the world, not always fair but often true. DIY law is a play at your own risk game.

Lawrence (Larry) Newman, D.C., Esq.

Doctor of Chiropractic
Attorney and Counselor at Law

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New York Lawyer Answers Why Get a Certificate of Relief from Disabilities

Friday, March 25, 2011

One Defense Lawyer's Philosophy about Being Right and Winning

I have seen and heard lawyers and doctors speak (more like brag) of their successes. I believe one should "Never take credit unless you are also willing to take blame." I allow others to speak for me in their testimonials/reviews. If you look at them with clear eyes you will see less hype and more reality.

I learned most of my life philosophy as a Chiropractor. I would adjust, help, assist, and guide (with chiropractic, physical therapy, and acupuncture) but the power that made the body does the ultimate healing not the doctors. In the criminal defense context we have no control over the Judges, the prosecutors, or the juries. As lawyers, we can advocate, persuade, convince, explain, demonstrate, and challenge but ultimately we do the best we can with what we have been given.

I could speak of "my DWI successes" but then I would have to balance that with speaking of "my DWI failures."  First off we must define success and failure. It is a perspective. It requires a context. Not everyone fits in the same box or mold. Someone with a long criminal history, and someone with no history are not the same. Someone with horrible facts, behavior, driving, testing, and statements is not the same as someone with different facts. If someone is looking at 3 years in jail, and has a weak case, does a result of straight probation mean success or failure? Outright dismissals are a rarity. It is the stuff of TV shows and hit movies. O.J. Simpson was an anomaly. There are certain FBCs (facts beyond change) in every case that I must work with and sometimes they are challenging to surmount.

Often the best wars are the ones never fought. My greatest victories have come by preparing thoroughly, cross examining police at hearings, suppressing evidence, and demonstrating strength. Concessions allow the other side to save face, and in the battles we fight daily, often with the same opponents, it has been a prudent and effective strategy. As they say pick your battles.

I use the same philosophy in my marriage and with my children. I have found that lawyers that "fight" every case and issue burn out, and are usually divorced (or single). Being "right" and proving you are "right" and "winning" (as Charlie Sheen has demonstrated) may not be the best long term strategy.

Busy Binghamton Lawyer, Vestal Town Court

As a traveling Finger Lakes attorney I make the rounds. Some days I can cover Town and Village Courts in 3 or 4 counties. The day Courts don't bother me, it's the night Courts that can be difficult.

One of the busiest little Courts within Broome County is Vestal Town Court. Maybe because it is located on Vestal Parkway (the main strip of hotels and restaurants) down the road a piece from SUNY Binghamton (yes I have defended many Marijuana and DWI cases here). The Court holds a morning session, and an evening/afternoon session depending upon which Judge your case is assigned to. Both the clerks are very helpful (and usually very busy) in this Court.

Maybe speaking to the closeness of Binghamton the clerks sit behind thick plexiglass with a small slot at the bottom to pass your documents through. Aside from that the cases move at a brisk and friendly pace.

Vestal Town Court
605 Vestal Parkway West, Vestal NY 13850
Phone: 607-748-1514 Fax: 607-754-2496

Honorable Joseph B Meagher
Court Clerk: Linda Vail: (607) 748 1514 ext. 322
Honorable Michael D. Sherwood
Court Clerk: Gloria Meade: (607) 748 1514 ext. 323

Court Clerk Linda Vail

Court Clerk Gloria Meade

Court Window Hours

Monday - Wednesday - Friday:   8:30 AM to 4:30 PM 
Tuesday - Thursday:   8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Court Hours
Arraignments:  Tuesday and Thursday evening beginning at 5:30 PM
Phone: (607) 748 1514

Fax: (607) 754 2496

Defense Lawyer Larry Newman

Nichols Town Court Lawyer, The Beauty of Old Buildings

As an upstate defense lawyer who travels from courthouse to courthouse, covering about 7 counties in the summer, and 6 in the winter (I leave out Yates come winter due to snow and lack of cell service), I feel lucky to see incredible little towns, grand vistas, and old buildings.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting Nichols Town Court. I have represented many speeding cases and other VTLs (vehicle traffic violations) going through Nichols (actually highway 17/86) between Elmira and Binghamton over the years. I really took my time to look at the magnificent Cady library, and the carriage house (this is where the Court is located), right to the side and back of the library. They re-did the inside of the carriage house and made great use of the space. The library was a turn of the century mansion, unfortunately it is only open in the afternoon after 2:00pm.

Located right off I-17/86 and Route 282, it is about 10 minutes west of the Owego County Courthouse.
Directions to the Court here:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=nichols+town+court&fb=1&gl=us&hq=nichols+town+court&hnear=Ithaca,+NY&cid=7561016268326448555

Nichols Town Info:

Court Location: Town Hall, 54 East River Road, Nichols NY 13812

Mailing: PO Box 365, Nichols NY 13812 (Justice Caloroso)
Mailing: PO Box 298, Nichols NY 13812 (Justice Quick)

Phone: 607-699-3981 ext 13 or 14 
Fax: 607-699-7959

NOTE: The judges each have their own mailing addresses (PO Boxes). 
If the return date of your Violation ticket is a Monday or a Wednesday, you have to mail to PO Box 365.
If you have any questions, call the court Monday through Thursday at extension 13. 
Their fax number is 607-699-7959.
If your return date is a Tuesday or a Thursday, you mail to PO Box 298.

Defense Lawyer Larry Newman

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Brother In Law, Sol Laichter, Making a Difference

Life is short, and often we don't fully embrace moments that pass so quickly in our lives. My brother in law, Solomon Laichter passed away this week. He was so many things to so many people. He had a love for music and comedy. His life touched not only his family but every community he practiced in. You see, he was a pharmacist by profession. He was someone that people came to and trusted. I used to watch him as he communicated clearly, patiently, and with care.  He instructed, directed, and counseled not only about the medications he dispensed but about options. He truly empowered people to not only understand their meds but more importantly their diseases.

In his 30 plus years as my brother in law he only wrote me one letter, but it was significant to me. I was at a crossroads, deciding between two life courses. I was a teen trying to choose a direction. My own dad died only a year before so I was without a father. His letter laid out in detail my options. Sol was very bright, and he did what I later discovered was a Ben Franklin list. Sol had beautiful handwriting and his letter flowed onto the page. He was not a man to waste words, and each was clearly measured. At the bottom of that letter was a split page spelling out all the positives and negatives of each career path. His letter helped me make a major decision that would lead to many future blessings. I thanked Sol many years for this letter, and he had forgotten writing it. So like Sol, helping, and then forgetting.

I don't know how many people Sol helped in his lifetime. He never sought appreciation. He never looked for accolades. I only know he made a difference in a great many lives, and in ways he may never have had an opportunity to realize. Sol was a person who deeply cared about his customers, his family, and his friends, nothing more or less than that. He was an inspiration to me, of a man who made a difference through the power of caring, and for that he will never be forgotten.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Of Judges, Prosecutors, and the Legal System

Let me begin by emphatically stating I love this country. I have traveled the world, and every time I return Home I kiss the ground. My family arrived on these shores (actually Ellis Island) around 1908. Great Grandpa wanted a better life for his children. He was running from the persecution, and the pogroms (mass killings) of what was then Russia.

Freedom he sought, and Freedom he found. Working hard he provided for a large family with little English ability. It has taken us the better of three generations on these shores to finally have college educated children. My sisters and I all went to college. We are the first. We are the professionals he dreamed of, and placed in high esteem. From an early age my parents and grandparents told me, "be somebody." "Don't be a nothing."They saw all the possessions of their family and friends robbed in Russia but instilled in us that no one could take what was in our heads. No one could rob us of our education.

Which brings me to our legal system. It has it's flaws. It is not a perfect system. It bothers me that cases can be processed in one state, one county, or one city differently than another. The range of punishments, penalties, and consequences for the entire range of human behavior subjectively applied by people placed and elected into positions of power and authority. I want to believe that these men and women chose their jobs to make a difference. I want to believe that they can see beyond their own prejudices and shortcomings. I want to believe that the middle ground is where the majority choose to live, work, and think. The basis for all we value as a people can't survive in the extremes. Fundamentalists and extremists are not fitted for a true democracy.

I am at times frustrated by the "lack" of reasonableness, logic, and fairness. I do my best to navigate the turbulent waters of a system that sometimes lacks a heart, and soul. After all my clients will have to face faces without emotion who will sit and judge them for their deeds without looking at the other 99% of their life history.

I work hard to balance my feelings with a head that tries to remember the tenets of Our Constitution, Our Bill of Rights, and Our Declaration of Independence. These are OUR Birthright. Born in a country that offers opportunities to those willing to work. I stand guard not just to defend the law, but to be a warrior for justice. Someone willing to say and do what is right for my client. I believe that everyone deserves:
The benefit of a doubt. Everyone deserves, fair dealing and appropriate treatment. Everyone deserves to be counseled about their options.

So our system is not perfect, neither are it's people. Nothing new there just a realization, and maybe a memberance that what is important sometimes can not be measured and what can be measured is not that important.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pitfalls of Ithaca DWI Defense

My biggest hurdle come the winter is the weather, ugh!

Tomorrow I have Court appearances in Candor (Tioga County), then Ulysses (on one side of Lake Cayuga) and then Dryden (all the way around the bottom of Lake Cayuga) and up Route 13. It will prove challenging with 9" coming to the this area. I must remember to relish the spring and summer up here because winter feels at times like it will never end.

ah memories of 2 weeks ago at the Diving DUI seminar in Key West,,,

Sunset on Mallory Square, so beautiful! I could practice here:

The Key West Courthouse ( I have a Florida license), but I choose Ithaca hands down. I love to practice in the Finger Lakes.

Ithaca Cortland DWI: Investigating the Arrest Scene

Ithaca Cortland DWI Lawyer Your Physical Problems

Ithaca Cortland Legal Fictions in Plea Bargaining Cases

Ithaca Cortland Legal Fictions in Plea Bargaining Cases

How Ithaca Cortland DWI Statements Will Be Used Against You

Ithaca Cortland Moving Violations, Speeding Tickets, and Suspensions

Speeding tickets can be very costly. There are fines, state surcharges, points on your driving record, car insurance ramifications, driver's license suspensions, driver education classes, DMV yearly surcharges, etc. a ticket for 25 miles per hour over the limit is a 6 pointer!

11 points or 3 speeding tickets in 18 months and you have a suspension of your New York license. If you get only 2 tickets in a work zone you also get suspended. For those from out of state, you will have your NYS "privilege" to drive suspended. You could also face a DMV administrative hearing where they would revoke your license. A revocation means you must re-apply and re-test for a license. A suspension means a definite period of time (kinda like suspended animation) where once the time ends the license is still there (you just pay a fee).

If your license gets suspended you may be able to get a restricted driving license (not full driving privileges) for school, work, and medical care.

So how can you defeat a speeding ticket?

Speed radar units need to be calibrated.
Records of calibration need to be kept.
Tuning forks need to be used to test these units regularly.
Tuning fork calibrations and calibration logs need to be done on the date speeding was alleged, and during the month of the violation alleged.
Certificates of calibration must be kept for the tuning forks.

Lawrence Newman

Attorney at Law
Doctor of Chiropractic


Lawyering in Dryden Town Court

Website link for Dryden Town Court:

My law practice is located in Ithaca, NY but I go out to Dryden Town Court to defend DWIs, and moving violations quite often. Dryden, New York sits between Cortland and Ithaca, and the road signs rapidly change from 55mph to 45mph to 30mph more quickly than you can blink an eye. This is especially true when it is late, and the roads are desolate. Also located right in between Dryden and Ithaca is the NY State Trooper Barracks on Route 13. So you have NYS Troopers, Tompkins County Deputies, and Dryden Police all patrolling that area, not a good place to speed. People driving down to Ithaca from Syracuse should be aware of this triple play of coverage, slow down!

Dryden has a few of my favorite things: Dunkin Donuts, I love their coffee, old fashioned, coffee flavored coffee. They also have a few favs in restaurants: A-1 on Route 13 has very good Greek pizza (with feta cheese), fresh made soups, and salads, and I also like the little Chinese place (not much ambiance for eating in) but the food is pretty good for Upstate Chinese before or after Court. My son loves their boneless spare ribs. A guy has got to eat so you can ask me about the food places in many of these areas. In the summer there are a few ice cream places (unfortunately or fortunately they are seasonal).

Dryden Town Court holds two main courts: night Court on Mondays (530pm till ?) with Judge Christopher Clausson, and morning Court on Wednesdays at 900am with Judge Valentinelli.

The busier of the two Court sessions is night Court on Mondays. It can be very busy, and the Judge does a great job of keeping things moving and lively. I once had Court earlier in Ulysses (across the lake) and the Judge and his clerk shared carrot cake (from a Birthday celebration) with my client, who was waiting. You can't get that in Brooklyn, NY.

Judge Clausson has been on the bench since 1992, almost 20 years.
They have a beautiful new sign, and a fairly new Courthouse.

Judge Valentinelli has been on the bench since 1996. So the people of Dryden like these two men and value what they do, considering that Judges come up for re-election every four years.

Debra Smiley, Senior Clerk
Deborah Gallagher
(607) 844-8888 option 1
(607) 844-9358
Tompkins County Assistant District Attorneys are:
 ADA Linda Gafford on Wed.
ADA Gary Surdell on Mondays

Ithaca Cortland DWI Lawyer Why I love Cortland City Court

Cortland City Court, Cortland, NY

My office is located in Ithaca, NY but the mainstay of my practice is DWI defense within the counties surrounding Tompkins County. I travel around 50 miles in each direction. I have defended drunk driving cases in Cortland, Seneca, Chemung, Tioga, Steuben, Broome, Chemung, and even Yates County. Yates has been a little tricky because I dislike night court, especially in winter due to the rural roads and lack of cell phone service in some areas. Being stuck or off the road in the winter, at night, with no connection to humanity just doesn't paint a pretty picture at my age ( a spry 50 this year).

Anyway, I love going to Cortland City Court for a number of reasons:

1. City Court is run methodically by seasoned veterans of the bench. btw City Court judges are elected to ten year terms in contrast to part time town, city, and village judges/justices who serve for four years.
2. Cortland Court is right across the street from the Cortland County Courthouse. If cases are going to move to felony level or we need to discuss the case (plea negotiations) with a prosecutor (district attorney) they are literally, right across the street.
3. Cortland City Court has the attorneys sign in on separate sign in sheets of paper, listing time, number of cases, etc. This is different than any Court I have been in Upstate. The process insures fairness and works to keep the case load flowing.
4. The Courthouse is within blocks of coffee shops and restaurants.
5. Parking is free, plentiful, and right next to the Courthouses.
6. Located at the corner of main and court streets it is easy to get to from any direction.

Website for the Cortland City Court:

25 Court Street, 
Cortland, New York 13045
Office Hours: 8 am - 4 pm, Monday through Friday NEW HOURS!
Telephone: (607) 428-5420
Fax: (607) 428-5435

Initial Appearance (arraignments) on DWI cases are held Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:00 a.m.

Main Judge on the bench is the Hon. Thomas A. Meldrim

Part-time City Court Judge Lawrence Knickerbocker is on the bench when Judge Thomas A. Meldrim is absent or disqualified.

Across in the Cortland County Courthouse are the offices of the DA:

Mark D. Suben
District Attorney
Cortland County Courthouse
46 Greenbush Street, Room 101
Cortland, New York 13045
Telephone 607-753-5008

Assistant District Attorneys

Christopher I. Simser, Sr

Kevin A. Jones

Robert P. McGraw

Veronica M. Krause

Lawrence (Larry) Newman, D.C., Esq.

Doctor of Chiropractic
Attorney and Counselor at Law

Ithaca, NY  14850