Friday, November 9, 2018

Does New York Have Mandatory Sentences for DWI?

New York state is progressive in many ways and there are NO mandatory sentences to jail, probation, or community service on first time DWI offenses.

License issues can be dealt with in a couple of ways:

1. request for a 20 day license revocation STAY (delay in revocation)

2. conditional license to drive for school, work, and medical (for you and your defendants)

3.shorten revocation from six months to seven weeks with taking of the IDP (impaired driver program)

As to jail, probation, or community service, strategy to lessen the consequences take many forms and are dependent upon the county, the probation department, type of DWI, your history, the DA (prosecutor), and and court/judge who is residing over your case.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Do New York Police Have Car Cams or Body Cams?

Body and car cams (cameras) are being used by law enforcement across the country, and yet the progressive state of New York has few to none. Video can be a mixed bag. Watch this to see when and where New York police use video in the processing of an arrest for DWI.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Saliva Testing for Marijuana: New York Police and the Drager Drug Test 5000

The Draeger Drug Test 5000 Screening Device

Many states are now recognizing the benefits of legalized weed both recreationally and medically throughout the United States. Canada just went legal in October of 2018. The backlash against all this legalization is beefing up by the police of DWAI marijuana arrests. In the fight against DUI cannabis the police are now using the Drager Drug Test 5000.

Can this device screen drivers suspected of being impaired by drugs?
How accurate is this new saliva tester for drugs?
Is the Drager Drug Test admissible in a New York court of law?