Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mastering DWI Defense in Ithaca, New York

Well as the year winds down it is a perfect time for reflection. Why do I do what I do? DWI defense: It is challenging, and my goal is mastery.

You see I have always wanted to do things very well. As a kid I loved magic, photography, and bodybuilding/powerlifting. I spent countless hours engaged in those activities. Time was never a factor. It seemed as if I got so involved that the world did not exist. My sister called me (more like labeled me) obsessive and intense. So why was I this way? What drove me?

One of my mentors (btw a good thing to have) Dr. John Demartini, said that the VOID drives the VALUE.

I have always felt less than. I have felt the need to prove myself to the world. To prove my value, my worth, and my ability. I was short, pimpled (nice way to say Acne), curly haired (not a popular thing in my day), husky (another word for fat), clumsy (uncoordinated), nerdy, and a day dreamer. Nobody thought I would amount to much. Childhood was hard for me, picked on, ridiculed, and generally tormented for being different. So I focused on being really good at whatever I chose to pursue. I wanted to show them (them being everyone/everywhere).

I built my own little photo lab in my basement, with used cameras, developing tanks, and an old enlarger. I put on magic shows, I even performed for Mayor Beame and the democratic party back in the day. I invented a magic trick that was published by Tannen's (one of the oldest magic shops in NYC) at the age of 14. Lastly, I competed in powerlifting, eventually coming in 3rd place in New York State in 1980.

I am still on my quest for mastery. I am committed to traveling whatever distance, paying whatever price, and doing what it takes in time, energy, and money to be the best I can . . . This time, at DWI defense mastery. I follow the same SUCCESS formula every time:

1. find and go to seminars, people, and events that I can learn from.
2. find and buy books, tapes, and dvds to learn from.
3. organize and spend part of everyday (or almost every day) reading/listening/writing
4. commit to mastering each part and area of the subject
5. pay the price for success, in time, money, and energy
6. accept and learn from my mistakes and rejections
7. work hard at preparing for all of my challenges.
This year I attended and participated in 10 seminars:

January 2010: Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College: Opening Statement, Asilomar, California

February 2010: Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College: Direct Examination, Round Top, Texas

March 2010: Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College: Closing Argument, Leavenworth, Washington

April 2010: Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Forensic Science for DWI New Orleans, LA

June 2010: Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College: Psychodrama, Dubois, WY

June 2010: New York Criminal Defense Lawyers NY DWI Update, Wayne, New York

October 2010: New York State Bar Assoc. Expert Witness Seminar, Syracuse, New York

October 2010: New York Criminal Defense Lawyers DWI Update, Syracuse, New York

October 2010: The Breakthrough Experience, Self Mastery Program, Boston, Mass.

November 2010: Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers, Advanced DWI Seminar, San Antonio, Texas

7 states, 10 seminars, and one incredible year. I won't even begin to tell you the number of books, dvds, and cds I have purchased on criminal law, and DWI defense. Suffice it to say I have quite a library (my resources).

I believe "You" are always your greatest investment. A great many companies, organizations, and businesses spend millions on advertising/marketing for clients/customers.

If only they spent that time, energy, and money on their product or service. People sometimes ask me How I "Get" Clients. So many people are only interested (primarily interested to be fair) in the bottom line.

In my opinion these companies do not:

Panera's Bread, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Apple, Wegman's, . . . Great bread, coffee, computers, and service . . . looking towards the future, innovating, transforming . . .

They "Focus" on being better, rendering a better product, a better service, not on a gimmick, or selling a fantasy to people.

As to me . . . Well, I not interested in retiring, why would I? I love what I do (contributing and serving as an attorney), I care about doing a great job (the best with the facts/case in front of me), I love learning, growing, and transforming my self and my business with new ideas,

so as 2010 comes to a close I look forward to re-grouping to do more (quality not cases) in 2011.

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