Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 is Officially Here

We in Ithaca have been fortunate in 2010, at least weather wise. We have gotten little snow compared to our neighbors in Syracuse. Inches versus their feet, and this past weekend was like summer with temps in the high 40s.

Well 2010 is now ober, and 2011 is finally here! I am excited this year to introduce myself, and great DWI defense information on short videos. It has been a long term goal of mine to create videos, and share on topics of interest. I love to speak, to break down the law, and to simplify all of it.

I believe that we have fear of those things we do not know about and/or cannot understand. Much like shining a bright light in a scary basement castes out the darkness, and our fears of rats and bugs. I remember living in Brooklyn, and we had rats and these huge water bugs in the basement. One day my dad decided to drop a bomb (to fumigate) on them, and we then had lots of dead rats and bugs. What a mess to clean that up. Anyway, with new lights, and no critters that basement became a great place to hang out.

I am hoping that those visiting my blog will also decide to "hang out" and learn. All the best for a great 2011.