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Ithaca Lawyer Practicing DWI Defense in Elmira City Court, Chemung County New York

Elmira City Court is an Amazing Historic Building

Chemung county sits just a little South of Ithaca, NY, and it's a straight shot down Route 13 over hill and dale, so to speak. The great thing about going to Elmira besides the mall, and the wide assortment of restaurants (Ithaca has NO Olive Garden, NO TGIF, NO Red Lobster, NO Sam's Club, NO Macy's, etc. etc. etc) is the ease of Elmira City Court. They have two main Court rooms, and the pace here is brisk.
One of the Judges ran through an arraignment (initial appearance) so fast here once my head was spinning in comparison to the slower town courts.

Just last week I was here for a DWI PTC (Pre-Trial Conference), interestingly they keep you locked out from the Courtroom (one at a time here) for security reasons and there was no A/C running so it was hot. Apparently the A/C is set on a main timer, and it was not time for it to run. The Judge, the prosecutor, and I were sweating while discussing the case, it was comical, talk about cruel and unusual punishment.

Anyway, the beautiful old City Courthouse sits two blocks down from a DD (Dunkin Donuts), and a nice gas station so basic needs are easily met. There is usually plenty of on the street inexpensive meter parking. Just across the street, and a few blocks down is the Chemung County Courthouse as well.

                                               Beautiful Elmira City Court, I love this old building.

317 E. Church Street 
Elmira, NY 14901
(Corner of Lake & Church Streets) 
Phone 607-873-9520
Fax 212-401-9240
Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Judges' Chambers

Honorable Steven W. Forrest 
Honorable Ottavio Campanella

Chief Clerks

Chief Clerk

Deputy Chief Clerk
Casey Johnson
Phone:     607-737-5681

Chemung County Court. Just across the street and two blocks down from Elmira City Court.
Felony cases are processed here. Has a grand old Courtroom upstairs.

Located at:

224 Lake St

Elmira, NY 14901

Chemung County Judge: The Honorable Richard Rich

County Court Judge & Surrogate, Chemung County
224 Lake Street, P.O. Box 588
Elmira, NY 14902

(607) 737-2940

Chemung County Judge: The Honorable James T. Hayden

Secretary:    Greta Malone
Law Clerk:  Louise Herzl-Betz

County Court Chambers

Justice Building
203-209 William St.
P. O. Box 588
Elmira, NY 14902-0588

Fax 607-737-2913

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