Friday, June 14, 2013

Your New York Driving Privileges: Why Tired Driving is Not Innocent Driving

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I get lots of phone calls asking for direction and advice. I wish I could caution people before the fact that talking to the police is not only stupid but dangerous. You are feeding them. Think about giving a lion a steak before he eats you. The steak is your statement.

So someone gets into an accident, maybe no other car is involved, the police come to investigate. You tell them you were tired, you were sleepy, and that's what caused your "poor" driving behavior. You think oh, I wasn't high, or drunk, or speeding, or careless I was just tired. Seems so safe and innocent? Right? WRONG!

the baby lamb- from fair-isle.blogspot
cute and vulnerable

You are a baby lamb. Ready to be slaughtered. If you are driving tired or sleepy that is NOT a good thing. The police will now report you to the DMV. You will now be under investigation for a potential medical issue that makes you a dangerous driver.

G-d help you if you have a medical history that is less than perfect because you are now a suspect license holder. You are now under review by the powers that be. You are no longer an innocent person. You must now prove yourself well, prove yourself fit, prove yourself safe, and prove yourself worthy of keeping you driving privileges.

Heart Conditions, neurologic conditions, sleep issues, breathing issues, brain disorders, you name it can be a problem for you not only on the physical level but now on a license (permission) level.

Dr. Lawrence Newman
Doctor of Chiropractic
Attorney and Counselor at Law


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