Thursday, November 7, 2013

Arrested for a DWI? Do I Have to Tell My Boss/Job About it?

Delivery Driver with a NYS DWI is a deadly combo

As an Upstate DWI Lawyer I get this question a lot, Should I tell my boss about my DWI arrest?
OR Do I Have to Tell My Boss about It?

The fast answer is, No,,,

Unless you have to drive for your job and deliver goods and/or services. Because for the first 30 days after your initial appearance you will have your full driving privileges suspended (called the suspension pending prosecution for .08 or more).

For those with jobs that require driving for the job, as in delivering or visiting/consulting with clients/customers you are not going to be able to drive for those reasons. The hardship license privilege to be awarded by the judge will strictly be for TO and FROM a job or job site NOT FOR work purposes. So if you are a plumber or an electrician or a salesperson or a social worker or an accountant or account representative or a delivery driver of any type you can not do your job. You can not visit with multiple clients or deliver goods or services door to door so to speak.

After the first 30 days you can apply at the NYS DMV for your conditional license. This will then give you the ability to drive for your job and consult and sell and drive a delivery truck.

So back to the original question, if you are one of those people who need a license to go "door to door" it is likely that you are going to have to tell your boss. Some companies will change your job for the first 30 days, some will give you inside work, and some will just lay you off (temporarily or forever).

A Potential DWI Alternative License Solution

There is one other thing that may be able to be able to be done by an attorney. If you can get into the DWI case early enough, before the suspension pending prosecution by the Court/Judge, before the initial appearance then maybe there is another solution.

The World of Many, Many Ifs

If you can be proactive, 
if he can get all the Court/DMV paperwork together,
if he can reach an agreement that is agreeable and fair based upon your situation and the facts,
then maybe your DWI charges could all be sorted between your attorney, the DA (District Attorney), and the Court to resolve your case completely at the initial appearance.

Remember this is not the best way to proceed with every DWI case. Every situation must be looked at completely as to the specific facts and the potential criminal defenses to the charges. But for some people this is a way to save their jobs, to save their ability to drive, and to bring much needed relief to a tense situation quickly.

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Always consult with an attorney about any criminal or non-criminal charges you have pending to discuss your options and/or defenses.

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