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Ithaca Breath Test Defense: What is an DWI Ayala Hearing?

There are really three possible DWI breath test defenses:

ONE: Problem with the machine working properly. This includes proper chemicals, maintenance, calibration, and servicing.

TWO: Problem with the person giving a sample of breath. They have diabetes, GERD (gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease), or something else that would have caused a contamination of breath alcohol with other alcohol or ketones.

THREE: Problem with test administration. 
This blog post concerns this issue specifically.

Over my years defending cases I have had all three. I have seen improperly working machines, ones that also refused to take samples, and ones where the chemicals used were too old (expired). I have had clients with diabetes, blood diseases, GERD, and protein breakdown into ketones (by products) caused by fasting. Finally, I have had tests improperly given.

In New York State there is a legal presumption that the test was given properly IF the law enforcement officer giving the test had a valid breath test license. Kinda like, if you drove to my house we could assume you did so legally and properly because you hold a valid driver's license. This may not be fair or just but this is the law.

So how do we contest the test this way. Sometimes we have video of the test. We may not have audio but we may have a nice video. This will show us a few things:

1. The time that was spent prior to testing watching (the observation period) you. Was it truly continuous and uninterrupted for 20 minutes?

2. The way you acted and behaved just prior to testing. Were you belching, vomiting, or regurgitating any stomach contents?

3. Did the police check inside your mouth prior to having you blow into the breathalyzer?

If they failed to do any of the things or didn't do them well then your attorney could request (demand) an Ayala Hearing. This comes from the case of People v. Ayala, 89 NY 2d 874 (1996).

1. It is for a DWI case to have a hearing about your breath test;
2. It is to challenge the admissibility of the breath test into evidence;
3. It is based upon evidence that the test was not administered properly by the police.

I have seen videos where the police were not even watching the subject (the accused) during the 20 minutes leading up to the test. Sometimes they completely left the room. I have seen video where the person was visibly upchucking and then they tested them. I have seen videos where they never checked the mouth a all prior to having them blow into the machine.

If the breath test is found NOT admissible, one DWI (the breath one) charge will be dismissed completely. This may be the .08 BAC or even a .18 BAC charge. Then you only have a common law DWI case to fight.

If we can show a Judge that the police didn't follow their own rules then perhaps we can keep out this damning (but flawed) evidence.

Always consult with an attorney about any criminal or non-criminal charges you have pending to discuss your options and/or defenses.

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