Monday, December 15, 2014

Ithaca's One Way Streets: A Problem for those Tired, Lost, or Intoxicated

Corner of the Commons: Aurora Street and Seneca Street

Corner of the Commons: Cayuga Street and Green Street

Downtown Ithaca is loaded with one ways. In fact they extend for many city blocks in numerous directions. Even Route 13 splits off into two one ways. The confusion for those from out-of-town or merely just out-of-it (drunk or high) is endless. I represent dozens of people every year who drive the wrong way down our one ways. It is only by the sheer grace of G-d that people have not been hurt or killed.

VTL section 1127 (a) Driving the wrong way down a one way is a three point moving violation.

Ithaca has four main ONE WAY streets that frame The Commons:

  • Seneca Street is a one way that runs from East to West. btw Seneca becomes Route 79 to Cornell.
  • Green Street is a one way that runs from  East to West. Green becomes State Street Route 79 as well. Seneca and Green merge together.
  • Cayuga Street is a one way (in certain areas) near the commons. It is one way from Seneca street to Clinton Street.
  • Aurora Street is a one way (in certain areas) near the commons. It is one way from Seneca Street to Court Street.

The transitions between two way streets that turn into one way streets doesn't follow any sort of pattern. The main streets that surround the common are by far the most confusing.

My Advice for Safely Navigating Ithaca:

When visiting Ithaca for the first time my advice is that people should:

1. First look over a map before visiting Ithaca. Getting an overview of how the streets run is a good beginning to staying out of trouble.

2. Plot out the main East/West and North/South ways (streets) to get around the commons.

3. You should then drive these streets during the daylight hours so they don't find themselves lost when the lights are low.

Always remember to consult with an attorney about any criminal or non-criminal charges you have pending to discuss your options and/or defenses.

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