Sunday, January 11, 2015

Ithaca DWI Lawyer: How Conditional is a New York Conditional Driver's License?

There are Always Conditions
with DWI DMV Conditional Licenses

Why is having a New York DWI conditional driver's license a problem?

After all, Isn't it better to have a Conditional license than having NO license privileges?

Well the real answer is yes and no.

Anytime someone gets a conditional license it means that they have had or are dealing with a New York DW. Conditional licenses are only granted by the DMV for those who have DWI or DWAI charges.

New York DWI Conditional licenses come with CONDITIONS.

What are these conditions? 

They can only be used for specific purposes, at specific times, and for specific things.

Conditional licenses are better than having NO license or driving privileges.


If you are looking for a job that requires driving, employers may NOT want you encumbered by driving based restrictions or limitations.

If they are going to issue a company car or vehicle it is unlikely that their insurance will cover a driver who has a conditional license. Most rental agencies will not give a car under this license either.
BTW the conditional license says, " CONDITIONAL LICENSE" right on it in NYS.

If you plan on relocating to another state for work, the conditional license may or may not give you any privileges to drive in that jurisdiction. For one example, New York state conditionals issued after NYS DWI refusals are not recognized in Pennsylvania. Because a PA driver who refused would have NO privileges under that scenario, out-of-state drivers do not either.

If you plan on changing your state of residence for school or an internship, and your license and your car insurance and your car registration then most states will not allow a semi-privileged license holder full privileges in their state.

That is the importance of RESTORING YOUR FULL NYS PRIVILEGES ASAP after any DW.
Regardless of whether you begin your DWI case with a New York license or one from another state You must keep in mind the importance of fully releasing that privilege at a later date.

You must get the position where NYS has NO pending ACTION upon your privilege to DRIVE.

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