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Ithaca DWI Lawyer: Code of Conduct Violations: Ithaca College and Cornell University Student Policy

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Cornell University Code of Conduct

Ithaca College Code of Conduct  

People have a pretty clear understanding of what legal representation is, you get a lawyer and they speak and write on your behalf. Basically, they are your advocate, plain and simple. BUT with any school Judicial Administration against you by a school you will not have the full legal representation.

Legal Advisement Versus Legal Representation at the Office of Judicial Administration 

It's pretty long ago, and you probably don't remember agreeing to all of it but when you began school there was this little thing called a "Code of Conduct." There are academic infractions, and of course non-academic infractions. 

If you are a student and you get arrested in Ithaca it is likely you have violated your school's code of conduct. You can be JA'd, brought before the Judicial Administration.

Even Stuff Done Off of Campus is Bad and in Violation of the Code of Conduct

I know it happened off campus, it was a stupid mistake, and isn't it enough that you are facing a judge and prosecutor in one of our local Tompkins County Courts. Behavior that is dangerous to your self and others is something taken very seriously these days.

Even Stuff Done Online Can Be in Violation of the Ithaca College Code of Conduct

The Ithaca College Student Conduct Code may also be applied to behavior conducted online, via e-mail or other electronic medium. A student may be in alleged violation of policy for online postings such as blogs, web postings, chats and social networking sites that are in the public sphere and are not private. Ithaca College does not regularly search for this information but could conduct an investigation if and when such information is brought to the attention of College officials.1

The Domino Effect of College Violations is Far Reaching 

The domino effect of criminal charges can cause so much collateral damage. Best to see your situation as a whole and not piece by piece. In other words, think holistically and how each thing you do can help or hurt the other things you do.

Legal Counsel is Advice but Representation is Speaking On Your Behalf

You can only have a legal advisor at your Judicial Administration hearings. The lawyer cannot speak directly on your behalf to the tribunal however the lawyer can speak privately to the powers that be. I have done this on behalf of my clients. The level of proof at this hearings is very low so you could in fact be not guilty in the criminal matter and found guilty before the JA.

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