Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Ithaca DWI Lawyer: Will DWI Lawyers Be Replaced By AI?

I love Humans, booth the show and the species 
've been watching this new (well kinda for me) TV show about Artificial Intelligence i.e. robots that have sentience in the future.  It's called HUMANS, which is funny for a show focused on these robots.

Imagine having an AI represent you in court? Would a robot be able to articulate a defense? Would a robot be able to sway (persuade) a judge or a jury?As we head into new technology I often wonder if we can be outsourced?

Some DWI Defense Lawyers Are Already Like (mute) Robots

I went to court yesterday and watched a few lawyers as their clients were being sentenced. They waived their RIGHT to be heard before sentencing. They stood MUTE before the tribunal!!

Yes, you have a RIGHT, a legit legal right to be heard before the Judge pronounces your sentence.

Remember sentencing occurs after you plead guilty or are found guilty of something. It is the punishment, the consequences for your actions. In New York State, the sentencing guidelines run far and wide.

On a misdemeanor You can get everything from NO incarceration to a year of incarceration. From NO probation supervision to three years of probation supervision and monitoring and that is for just a first level crime, a misdemeanor.

For a Felony level offense, the stakes go up dramatically to up to four years in PRISON, NOT jail and up to FIVE years of probation supervision and monitoring.

So why do I bring this all up, sentencing is a big deal and NOT a time to be silent in most cases.

The case sentenced before mine was very similar, a first time class E felony level offense.

BUT the attorney did not prepare his client to meet the judge or what the judge was looking for. You see everybody wants something. I've said this time and again, in every single relationship the parties want something. If you want to get something you must give something. The specifics of that are dependent upon the situation and circumstances.

THE Bottom line, the defendant with the robot lawyer got three months jail plus probation.

In a New York (DWI or DWAI drugs) Felony level drug and/or alcohol fueled offense this means:

1. Admission you have a problem, addiction to a substance or substances.
2. You are being proactive in dealing with it.
3. Showing proof by your actions since your arrest that you are "in fact" dealing with it.

EASY, admit, take action, and show proof. Then demonstrate to the parties that count: probation department, prosecutor (DA), and the judge these three things.

Now if all this is done and done well, the chances of leniency, no jail (NO incarceration) are much better. Judges are people, prosecutors are people and they want to support good actions.

In our case, with a felony level DWI alternatives to incarceration was in order with EHM (electronic home monitoring), kinda like house arrest, and a sobrietor (a breathalyzer on your landline phone). And that's exactly what happened.

OUR DISCLAIMER: Now not every case or defense is successful, we don't win all our cases, no one does, prior results don't insure future results BUT doing the best we can do with what we have must be done, not to be robots, not while human lives are at stake and humans are still making sentencing decisions.