Monday, June 12, 2017

Ithaca DWI Lawyer: Demons, Hellcats, and Speeding Tickets

0 to 60 mph in 2.3 seconds!!
I'm a car guy from way back and these days the cars are absolutely amazing. Ford, Chevy, Audi, Porsche, and the rest are in a HP (horsepower) competition. One after the other keeps upping the ante.
We now have the 707 HP (Hellcat) and 840 HP (Demon) cars, with 300 HP cars becoming the norm in mom and pop motoring. My 2004 Honda mini van had a 240 HP V6.

Are all these super horsepower cars causing more speeding tickets?

Do Higher Horsepower Cars Get More Speeding Tickets? 

The Facts: More men than women get speeding tickets.
More people with cars like Hondas and Subarus and BMWs get high speeding tickets.
We don't see a lot of Porsche owners getting speeding tickets, more like mini van owners.

The Stats on Speeding

I always think is it the person or is it the car? Some people just like to go fast? Right? There are some cars which I guess encourage or allow for you to easily and maybe distractedly speed?

Well according to statistics in a recent Forbes article, the most speed ticketed car is the Mercedes SL, after all it is a little sports GT (grand touring) coupe driven by the rich and famous or those that aspire to be. The next cars on the list are the Toyota Camry (it is the most popular car as well), then the Toyota Scion (the younger Toyota mindset), then the Hummer (which I wouldn't think people would drive fast), then the other Scion B, then another Mercedes (the AMG bad boy), now the AMG is loaded with Horsepower, then the Acura Integra (see Honda fans), then the Pontiac Gran Prix, then it goes to another AMG Mercedes (high HP as well) and then the VW GTI.

All I can say based upon my own representation of thousands over the decades I have yet to represent anyone with a high HP car or a Dodge Hellcat or a Demon. Most people going faster than they should I driving pretty normal cars with average levels of performance. Yes, we represent the occasional sportswear but it seems these people are more selective where they race or go fast. So even though both those cars produce crazy levels of HP their owners don't appear to be abusing the roads of Upstate NY in them.

Why is New York State a Bad State to Go Fast?

That said, I can give my own anecdotal evidence after defending thousands of people over the year for everything from reckless driving to DWI to Speeding. New York is not the best place in this country to do anything outside the lines. It is as a conservative state on it's best days. Conservative as to hand guns and especially as to careless or carefree driving.

Legally you can in fact be locked up, as in "jailed" for speeding in New York. NYS is expensive on speeders in many respects. High car insurance rates are the norm, and it also raises car insurance rates by 20% or more for up to three years if you have record with speeding tickets greater than 15 mph over the legal limit.

Why is NYS so conservative? New York State as a total whole has a state speed limit of only 55 mph. There are specific highways where the speed limit increases to 65 mph. These pass from North to South, like I-81 and East to West like I-90 and 17/86. Many people coming from places like New Jersey and Florida drive 80 mph plus all day and then are surprised to get pulled over here.