Thursday, July 12, 2018

California License with New York DWI

California and other out of state license holders have to be made aware of the challenges of dealing with a New York DWI. Administrative (license) penalties can be double. There are things you can do to lessen the problem.

California is notoriously slow when dealing with any car related matters. SOURCE: my son sold cars out there for many years. Getting a tag (plate) for your car is ridiculous (many, many months).

So first thing I tell anyone going through a New York DWI with a California license is, get your certified = official CA driving record as soon as possible. It has to be ordered by snail mail or you have to walk it through.

People who are residing in New York state should make this request because New York will not give you a conditional license (school, work, medical) without showing a fresh (recent) certified abstract showing nothing is wrong with your California driver's license.

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