Saturday, February 26, 2011

Diving into DUI in Key West

 Key West Versus Ithaca in February 2011
I love to go to seminars, last year I went to almost one a month, mind you I don't need any CLEs (continuing legal education credits), I go because I feel it is a privilege to learn and grow. Judging by the above photos it is also an opportunity to escape a long dismal Ithaca winter. Investing in whatever you do offers big payoffs because noone wants to wake up, look in the mirror, and see someone who sucks at their job or is just ok.

This week I have been in Key West, Florida listening to some of the best DUI/DWI defense lawyers in the country. Bruce Kapsack from San Fran, gave awesome closing arguments for drunk driving cases and Jim Nesci from Arizona gave us creative cross examination for the police. btw I have both their books and DWI defense from other states has a lot of cross application to New York.

We also had Dr. Bellack from LA, California not Louisiana, and he is a ENT specialist who testifies on GERD/LPR (reflux diseases that cause acid to enter the mouth) and how these diseases can affect alcohol breath test measurements. Jan Semenoff from Georgia, a breath test machine expert offered his expertise on how the police get falsely high breath tests in from 10% to 25% of the population, a big wow!

We also balanced out the program with attorney Hudson from Sarasota, FL, who spoke on repeat DWIs (felonies) and handling issues with addiction, treatment, and tactical considerations. His ideas were wise and creative. I am going home (back to Ithaca) with wonderful ideas, and I can't wait to begin implementing them. I have read that it is not the ideas you get that are important but having a recipe for dealing with them. Making my practice and service better is always the long term goal, because at the end of the day Key West sunshine is only temporary.