Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Canadian Drivers Speeding on I-17/86 Get a Break from the Metric System

I love our Canadian neighbors. They visit us, we visit them, and Canada for the most part is a nice excursion for us upper state New Yorkers. I have gotten more calls this year from drivers from Ontario speeding through Steuben County. It is a magnet or more like a trap for the inattentive. The corridor of I-17/86 passes through some bucolic territory, rolling hills, beautiful trees, open roads, and New York State Troopers.

Not a good place to exceed the speed limit. People unknowingly going 20mph to 30mph over the posted limit. Worse NYS has a special agreement with Ontario and Quebec, we exchange point for point "generally",,,

But there is good news for Canadians, especially those from Ontario. The NYS lowest level speed speed violation, 0-9mph over, 3 points, has NO points in Canada. Why?      2 reasons

1. Canada is on the metric system. They (the optimistic NY schools) tried to teach me this when I was a kid, they were wishfully thinking it was going to come to America but we still use inches, yards, feet, and miles per hour.

2. Canada begins speed violations at 16 km/hr. Translation = 10 mph

see here, Canadian Ministry, kinda like our DMV:


So if we can get your speeding ticket reduced to a low level NYS 0-9 mph speed you are golden in Canada.

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