Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ithaca Lawyer and The Law of Reciprocity (Quid Pro Quo)

Universal Lawyer

I consider myself a lawyer not just of man-made but also Universal laws. Before you think me out of my mind or just another wacky Ithacan let me assure you that Universal laws are real and unerring. Before being a lawyer I was a Chiropractor. I am forever a student of how natural law affects us on the mental, physical, and spiritual levels.

I shall devote a number of blogs to discussing some of these laws in the hopes that people may use them to their benefit. If you fail to recognize them, or you choose to ignore them you will stay remain subject to them nevertheless. It is unavoidable.

First, some people like to refer to the law of reciprocity by other names. The law of "what comes around goes around" or "Karma." It has many identities but don't ever think you can put stuff out and not get stuff back. You will eventually attract what you have sown. So we shall begin there.

Planting: Seeds Sown

Day by day in our thoughts and acts (merely the physicality of our thinking) we are planting. You have heard of the seeds of discontent, well there are seeds of loving relationships and in contrast the seeds of divorce. Words and actions can lift people up, can put them down, can inspire them, and can hurt immeasurably.


How do we demonstrate that we care about people? By discovering what is important to them and then assisting them (supporting) in the achievement of their priorities (their values). Their values are what they consider valuable. What is most valuable to one person may hold little value to another. It is not universal. The people you care most for will likely be closest to you because of this. They have proven by their words and deeds that they support your values time and again.

The Law of Reciprocity

It is not always direct and it is not always contemporaneous but it is just. You will get what you give. No more and no less. Yes, there are those who win lotteries, prizes, jobs, and people who they don't "deserve." However, you may classify or define deserve. See how long that lasts. See how long the money remains, or the position, or the relationship. Undeserved, unearned, luck, or whatever you may call it does not endure. It does not have legs so to speak. It is unfounded, it is ungrounded, and therefore it is easily taken, lost, or flittered away.

Earned things, even earned health, is generally more appreciated, respected, and treasured. The guy or girl with a perfect natural body usually doesn't have the same respect for it as a person who has spent years and thousands of hours building one. The same with a fortune. A person who has spent decades building wealth will likely not blow it on a super car while the suddenly mega millionaire athlete or pop star will spend it all plus more on depreciating expensive toys.

Fast in and fast out is not good or bad. It just is. Just as the law is not good or bad it just is.

The Lesson

If you want to USE the law to your advantage then appreciate what you have. Be grateful for your job, your family, your relationships, your standing, your privileges, etc. Show them or pay them attention.
Paying attention means just that. Give them your focus, give them your time, give them your energy, and give them your money. What have you done for me lately is more than a song lyric. Doing for them lately means giving attention regularly. If you are sporadic with your attention then you may be guilted into having to do something "big" and "imbalanced" and "out of character" to set things back into balance.

This is where the person that cheats then buys an expensive piece of jewelry or takes his spouse on a long needed vacation in the hopes of winning them back. It is hard to right the scales with sudden and large moves. The small, consistent, focused, and caring words and acts work best to ensure longevity and healthy lives. Healthy relationships come from this type of nurturing.  

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