Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ithaca DWI Lawyer How 5 Minutes Can Cost You Your License?

I love NY, the New York Public Library, What a Grand Building!

You know they say "timing is everything." As long as I live and as hard as I work as an attorney to either help people keep their driver's licenses or get back their driving privileges human nature loves to rear it's ugly head. When people have a DWI or DWAI or ADWI conviction they will have to take the New York DMV DDP (drinking driver program), they will get a conditional driver's license (called a post-revocation CL), and then upon completion they will get back their FULL license.

PRIVATE Agents with PUBLIC Power

THE NYS DMV DDP: This seven week program is sub-contracted to a local "private" agency. Much like the Ignition Interlock Devices (also sub-contracted locally) to "private" agents, these people are now entrusted with GOVERNMENT POWER.

What is Government Power?

It is the ability to call you out on any deficiencies in meeting your government (Court) obligations/duties.

You are ORDERED to take the DDP (drinking driver program).
You are ORDERED to get an IDD (ignition interlock installed) on your car.
You are ORDERED to complete these requirements (1) within a given period of time and (2) successfully.

Successfully means you comply with all their directives (the course givers and installers). So these "private" agents now get to run you, to tell you what to do, and when to do it.

IIDs (ignition interlock devices)

Every 30 days you must get your IID checked and downloaded OR else? If you don't, you are reported to the County Monitor (a division of County Probation and/or the District Attorney's office) as a VIOLATOR.

What does it really mean to show up late to the DDP?

You must complete your 7 week DMV DDP. You must participate and you must be there on time or else?

If you show up late (even by 5 minutes) some of these DDP providers will LOCK YOU OUT!
Imagine if you will people crying in the halls as they come to a DDP door that is locked. Why are the crying?

Because you will have to wait another 7 weeks until that session # circles around again. As in, the sessions run consecutively (1 to 7) and any one session that is missed must be MADE UP. Which means you don't get your full driving privileges back for almost another 2 months. Think about that, your 5 minutes late for class and it will cost you 2 months of full driving privileges.

Lord Acton said it best, "power tends to corrupt" and "absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men." Dealing with prosecutors, district attorneys, and Judges over a great many years I don't always agree with their decisions but respect their roles and authority.

Ah the cost of tardiness, I can remember from all my college days, we would wait on teachers based upon their level, 5 minutes for grad student, 10 for a professor, and 15 for a doctor (phd) or something like that?


Take this stuff SERIOUSLY. Do not willy nilly play with the Ignition Interlock Device, or the private installer, or with your DDP obligation. BE ON TIME! All of it including the VIP (victim impact panel) must be taken SERIOUSLY. Did I say serious enough?

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