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Ithaca Cortland Lawyer How Do the Police Know if YOU were Speeding?

Speeding tickets and upstate New York are kinda like franks and beans, they just go together. Wide open spaces with two lane roads make for easy speeding. Coming from the cityscape to the country scape sometimes doesn't allow for a real slow down.

What a dichotomy of sorts?"city folk" in the country


Slow down your speech, your thinking, and most of all SLOOW down your car. Whenever I visit the big city it amazes me how fast people drive. It's all relative, this fast and slow stuff. But cars on the New Jersey and Pennsylvania turnpike just haul a-- and I guess the cops can't keep up with them all.

Well on our big interstates like I-17/ I-86 and smaller state routes like 96 and 79 they do keep up with it and they love to pull people over especially those from the "big" city. Teach-em a country lesson, be safe in these here parts, ya hear?

Police Use Three Methods the Gauge Speed Upstate

1. Pacing

This is really Simple, they follow you or at least try to follow and keep up with your car. Hopefully they have an accurate speedometer in their car. If they need to go 90mph to catch up to you then you are going too fast.

2. Visual Estimation

They just look at your car, and they can tell how fast you are traveling based upon their experience and training. The best method is to pre-measure distances between local landmarks like light poles, trees, and signs. Then they clock your time from one landmark to another landmark. Remember miles per hour, speed is to distance.


The Easy Math of Speeding Tickets

5,280 feet in a mile
3,600 seconds in an hour

45mph = 66 feet per second
55mph = 80 feet per second
65mph = 95 feet per second

So the police officer/trooper/deputy testifies to it taking you X seconds to travel from this pole/sign to this tree and he knows that is a distance of Y means you are traveling = faster than the speed limit.

3. The Big Gun: RADAR

Usually any speed estimate by Pacing and/or visual estimate will be backed up by the gun (the Dual Stalker) is our latest upstate Trooper toy. Is RADAR always accurate and correct, no but often it is.

I'll save that for my next blog and video, challenging the dreaded RADAR gun.

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