Sunday, March 9, 2014

Why Colorado's PSA "Drive High Get a DUI" is So Funny

My daughter is about to move to Colorado. Our nest is down to one kid from four. I think the legalization of marijuana is going to bring new issues and challenges as the country deals with increased numbers of "THC DUI/DWAI drugs" cases.

These new Colorado PSAs are really clever, and funny. I think the marketers really thought about their target audience before throwing them together.

Pot is a Major Mental Distractor

The PSAs are so true because when you are that high, as in baked, and I have been that high (yes, I inhaled and deeply) your brain/mind is so far away from the reality of your situation. That is why unless you are seasoned THC user (I have met some) your ability to function normally is greatly impaired.

From My Basement in Brooklyn to College

I experimented with pot as a kid. I loved to listen to music (Led Zeppelin, Yes, ELO, Hendrix) in my basement and relax. Not my favorite drug (I'm more of a caffeine fan) but it was fun. When I first graduated Chiropractic college (1986) we had a big final party. They served these funky brownies. It took awhile for me to feel anything, so I probably ate one too many. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. This was my worst ever THC experience. The high went on and on, for more hours than I would have enjoyed. I was scared that I would never ever come down. Anyway, indulge but please don't drive.

More funny PSAs on the links below.

At least Colorado has a sense of humor, if and when it comes to New York State (and it will) I don't believe Albany will be quite this progressive.

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