Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ithaca Lawyer Read Carefully of Courtesy, and Banker's Letters

It costs nothing to show courtesy

You know my father in law is an ex banker. We are all indebted to the bankers and banks for allowing us the privilege of borrowing money to get our educations, start businesses, and buy homes. I recognize that but I don't like words or terms of BS.

BOA recently sold their local branches to Chemung Trust. I like them for a few reasons. One, great service, two, free cashier's checks, and better candy than BOA lollipops (hey I'm over 5, well maybe not emotionally). A recent letter from the bank put them back into the position of BANK.

What is Courtesy Pay at Chemung?

Dear Customer:

Our Courtesy Pay is a non-contractual service (yet I am being asked to sign up for it), which allows the bank's discretionary payment of overdrafts for those accounts maintained in good standing. There is NO charge to have Courtesy Pay available with your account; although a $35.00 fee is charged each time you utilize the service.  (all emphasis is mine)

It took me a few minutes to reconcile NO charge with $35.00 each time but it finally clicked. Sounds kinda nice this Courtesy thing but is it really a Courtesy if I am being charged $35.00 each time?

Courtesy = considerate act or behavior, politeness, thoughtful  BUT DOES NOT = $35.00 each time.

Hey Chemung a Courtesy Phone is FREE!
Hey Chemung it's called "common" courtesy for a reason.
Courtesy Costs Nothing or at least it should.

You can call something whatever you would like to but that don't make it so!

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