Friday, November 7, 2014

What's the First Problem With a New York DWI Refusal Case?

This video highlights the first problem when dealing with a New York DWI refusal case. If you miss the first DMV administrative license hearing, because your attorney reschedules it OR the police don't show up OR it is adjourned to another date, then it may take many, many months for Albany to reschedule it.

This is months without a license (it is suspended).
This is months without getting credit (time served) towards a suspension or revocation.
This is months without getting an opportunity to challenge the evidence.
This is months waiting for closure and putting this behind you.

Hence the importance of the FIRST scheduled hearing, and your attorney's role in that process. In some cases this first DMV DWI refusal hearing date can be rescheduled (only the first) via the court/judge.

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