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Ithaca DWI Lawyer: Use of Proper Analogy: DWI Defense Learns from Firestone

I recently was taking care of my daughter's car at Firestone. One of my dad duties is taking care of the cars. Maybe because I'm supposed to take care of anything involving a motor, gas, electric, or of a mechanical nature. So I brought it in for an oil change, and the once over.

Batteries and Core Charges

Guy does the hey "by the way" we found that your battery is running weak. We have a solution, a new battery. Ok, I'm there but when I get the bill there is a charge I don't quite get.

Battery charge
Core charge
Trade in Core credit
Install and replace Charge

Called the Core charge, meaning every battery has a core that is still useful/recycle-able. And some people keep their old battery, it still works but weakly. What I could not get or he could not help me understand was why I was being charged for an additional CORE plus getting credit for my trade in CORE?

He kept telling me the same thing over and over but I wasn't getting it. What he needed was an analogy.

Google Helps Me Understand CORE Charges by Analogy

Thank G-d for google, I googled CORE and charges and understood it perfectly.

The CORE charge is just like the recycle charge on a can of soda. It's a fee you pay in addition to the cost of the item for recycling it. If you return the can you get the recycle charge back.

That's the power of analogy. I sometimes use with juries,

New York State DWI is One Test One Sample Tested One Time

New York is a one test one time one sample state, would you go to a doctor and let him make a diagnosis based upon one test one time taking just one body sample?

Would you let that same doctor decide on treatment, drug therapy, or surgery based upon that single test?

If there are doubts in the case besides this all of them are amplified by the unfairness of this analogy. The danger inherent in finding a person guilty based upon evidence like this.

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