Sunday, February 19, 2017

Ithaca DWI Lawyer: Can You Get Tickets Expunged from Your Driving Record?

The amount of scrutiny people receive these days before being offered a position is staggering. Not only are they doing drug screens but they are requesting fingerprint criminal background checks as well. Many companies and organizations are also checking driving histories as part of a pre-employment background check.

Do you have traffic tickets on your history? Is it possible to clean up your New York State driving history? Can you get tickets or charges removed after a period of time passes?

New York State DMV Driving Histories are Now Lifetime Records

When the New York DMV says they are keeping a complete database, and a record of your driving history for life they truly mean it. It used to be that records could only go back 10 years, and then new regulations went into effect in 2012 that started looking at 25 year, and then lifetime look backs. Traffic violations remain on your history for life. To get a lifetime history you must go through Albany DMV directly, and not the local offices which only go back 10 years.

Look Back Periods for Driving Offenses Vary From Job to Job and State to State

Some companies won't hire someone with moving violations on their record from the last 3 years while others go back 5 years. If a job requires driving a company car or vehicle (and many do) their insurance company may not offer the company insurance to any drivers in a high risk category. That is why having a clean or as clean a history as possible is important.

New York State DMV Can Hold Violations Against YOU for 18 Months But Insurance Companies Longer

In New York State even one speeding ticket of 15mph or higher on your history can cause an insurance rate increase for 3 years. Many companies don't want to be penalized for a future employees benefit. Why hire someone with a poor driving history when others have applied for the same position with NO moving violations. You will always be compared to the person next to you.

The Time to Clean Up Your Driving History is When You First Receive a Violation

You can NOT expunge anything from your driving history in New York State. Everything you are convicted of or plead guilty to is Forever. All violations and infractions stay on your permanent driver's license record even if you're not from New York State. Yes, even out of state drivers with New York State violations will have a NYS DMV driving history.

The best time to fix is record and keep it clean is when you first receive a violation and then deal with it properly. Getting a reduction is usually possible depending upon the county, court, judge, and prosecutor. Never just plead guilty to anything, always consult with a local traffic attorney to discuss your options.