Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ithaca Lawyer A Real Shingle Hangs at 504 N. Aurora St., Ithaca, NY

I'm living my dream. When I told my friends five years ago where I was moving they recommended I see a therapist. I escaped the big city, and found a life nestled in the Finger Lakes. I wanted a place I could take long walks and deep breaths. My wife and I restored a charming home located in the Fall Creek neighborhood. Our four children walked to all their schools and my neighbors are well, neighborly. Last year we were on the Garden Tour.

For me the home is perfectly located. My home/office combo is three blocks from the downtown commons. Tompkins County Courthouse and the Ithaca Courts are merely a short walk away. The home is a grand old Victorian with three stories, three piece moldings, solid doors, porches, and glorious details. It was built in 1889, and still has the original fireplace and mantel.

I literally hung a shingle here, Lawrence Newman, Attorney at Law, and now feel that Ithaca is home.

504 North Aurora Street is more than a address to me much like Ithaca is more than a nice city or place to live. Something different, special, and unique is here. I have met a diversity of ideas, of people, and of philosophies that thrive. Ithaca and the Finger Lakes inspire me to grow and express. As the harshness of another winter winds down I look forward to the return of the incredible plants, flowers, and fruit. Ithaca Spring and Summer not only bring the sun but all the joys of those seasons.

In my past the practice of law (in the big cities) had become a pain and a drain at times. I do not feel that same way practicing here. As Einstein said, What is important can't always be measured and what can be measured is not always important. Well, I look forward to a long life, and a practice that is measured not by numbers but of the depth of my service.