Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Avoca a Little Town In Steuben County with Lots of Speeding Tickets

This month has been hot in the Finger Lakes, maybe it's the rain but it's been really humid. Speeding on 390 is almost a given as people make there way from SUNY Geneseo (a really high ranking state school), Buffalo, and Rochester down through the center of the state. It is beautiful country far and wide but it can get a little boring so hence the speed. City people from NYC and New Jersey are just used to going fast. It is a nice stretch of road and easy to go fast, sometimes too fast, I have had a record number of 90+ MPH ticket clients in June.

Quaint little Steuben county towns like Avoca, Bath, Wayland, Campbell, and Savona don't have a lot of big city excitement but there are farm stands, country diners, and plenty of farms.

Check out Mom's Savona Diner on Main Street, the Chat-A-Whyle (how clever is that?) in Bath has fresh soups and salads (they are only a few blocks from the County Courthouse), good Italian at the Union Block Cafe in Hammondsport, or the Fox's Pizza Den in Campbell, NY.

As for speeding, remember NEW NYS Move Over law on changing lanes is, if you see an emergency vehicle (police/trooper/ambulance/fire) YOU MUST MOVE OVER (change lanes), and remember You can't speed up to pass (it's still speeding), keeping up with traffic flow (it's still speeding) is not an excuse, Not knowing the law (ignorance) is not an excuse (or a legal defense) if you are from Massachusetts or New Jersey or Maryland or anyplace else.