Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New York State Troopers Small in Numbers but Huge in Impact

New York State Troopers comprise a mere 6% of the total population of law enforcement throughout New York State. It is mind boggling when I reviewed the citation statistics for this small branch of New York's safety and protection team.

Troopers give over 900,000 tickets a year.
Troopers make 30% of all DWI arrests a year.
Troopers give 50% of all seat belt (restraint) violations.
Troopers issue almost 55% of all speeding tickets.

So the next time you are pulled over on a major Interstate, Highway, or Road by a Trooper think twice before trying to talk yourself out of it. Talking only incriminates (guilts) you further. My advice is to be polite, cooperative, and respectful. They will occasionally reduce your speeding ticket to a non-speeding ticket at roadside (this is a gift for your attitude). Non-speeds may not raise your car insurance, generally carry less points, and lower fines.