Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Friend, and Compadre Lawyer Joe Villanueva

I don't make too many endorsements for fear of future repercussions. Yes I hesitate at times to recommend anyone or anything, but I have known the lawyer, the father, the husband, and the friend Joe Villanueva for years now. He is straight with the people he represents, no BS. I like and respect that about him.

Joe practices in Westchester County (and the surrounding areas), and the "big" city, as in New York City. He and his firm do criminal defense, tickets, employment law, and litigation. As a former NYC prosecutor (I won't hold that against him, we all make mistakes) he knows his way around a Courtroom. He also has extensive civil litigation (that's trial) experience.

I feel confident placing him upon my blog. I call Joe for everything as they say North of the Macon Dixon line or in our case Far East of Ithaca, NY.

He has offices in the City and in Scarsdale.

Picture of Joseph P. Villanueva
And his smile is as big as his heart.

Phone: (800) 893-9645

Fax: (914) 873-4827
700 White Plains Rd.
Suite 237 

Scarsdale, New York 10583