Friday, January 13, 2017

Ithaca DWI Lawyer: New Law Mandates Inspection for Car Window Tint

Police Officer Using Tint Meter Enforcer

New York State has long had law that cars and trucks cannot have window tint that is blocks light transmittance of greater than 30%. An amendment to that law has just taken effect on January 1, 2017 that makes checking window tint light transmittance part of every yearly car inspection. New York State like many jurisdictions has a mandatory annual car inspection forever.

This new window tint inspection amendment has been proposed every year since 2003, and the amendment has failed for 13 years running.    

                                 Why the New York Tint Inspection law passed this year is the question?  

Attacks Upon Law Enforcement at Traffic Stops are at an All Time High 

Our brave men and women of law enforcement are being targeted. The most dangerous situation in police work is a traffic stop especially if the car or truck windows are tinted. Being able to clearly see inside all vehicle stops for potential weapons is a must in these times. Being able to see any illegal activity, and people's faces (especially their eyes) may alert them to danger.

Dark window tint can conceal people, activity, and threats. To balance the rights of individuals to their privacy, and the right of police to be free from harm this amendment passed without opposition the year.

Now if people were to have their vehicles pass inspection, and then alter their windows POST inspection is a potential danger. Police can lawfully pull over (STOP) vehicles to check the tint of their windows if it appears to be outside the guidelines of the law, greater than 30% percent.

Motorists with documented medical conditions that affect their eyes will be able to file for an exemption to the law.