Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ithaca Cortland Lawyer New York's Evil Triad: The DMV Classifies Serious Traffic Offenses


When I think serious I think like "Serious" with a capital S. As in Lethal (deadly) like bleeding, As in hypothermia (getting cold), As in emergency, As in comparing truly serious offenses with minor offenses (like those with jail as a consequence and those without jail as a consequence).

BUT Under the New York State DMV Vehicle and Traffic Law (the VTL) Serious is defined differently:

The TRIAD of Serious Traffic Offenses (aka Serious Traffic Violations) include:

  • Unsafe (moving from) Lane Change NYS VTL 1128 (a) 
  • Speeding 15 mph or more NYS VTL 1180 (d)
  • Following Too Closely NYS VTL 1129 (a)

NOT included is Reckless Driving VTL 1212 (which is another STO) but is classified as a Misdemeanor (crime) under NYS law. The above are all Violation Level (non-criminal) but SERIOUS.

The Consequences of Convictions of these SERIOUS Offenses:

  • Insurance Rate Increases (under NYS law for up to three years)
  • Potential Driver's License Suspensions for accumulative violations
  • Increased Dangers and Sensitivities to CDL (commercial driver license) holders
  • Points, Fines, and NYS DMV Driver Responsibility Assessment Surcharges

Talk to/consult with an attorney before pleading guilty to any SERIOUS traffic offense. The potential collateral damage may warrant the cost of hiring counsel. 

In other words it may PAY instead of COST to hire a lawyer.
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