Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Travel to Canada Opens Up with the Tourism Facilitation Action Plan for those with DWI/DUI/DWAI/OUI

Overcoming Inadmissibility to Canada with a 
New York DWI or a New York DWAI

"Well, It's About Time"

Canada is loosening up these days. It's front page news in the Buffalo newspapers because Canada realizes they need (they want/desire) our tourist dollars. The Loonie (Canadian One Dollar Coin) and the Toonie (Canadian Two Dollar Coin) just ain't cutting it. You want laws to change or red tape to be cut then show the almighty dollar.

Under the Tourism Facilitation Action Plan (the TFAP) , Americans with a single indictable (Canadian lingo) offence (NYS DWI or DWAI) in their criminal histories, for which they served less than six months in jail, are less likely to be turned back at the border. Most first time New York DWIs and DWAI do not serve any jail time. Canada considers all impaired driving to be an indictable offense in Canada. Indictable offenses are more serious crimes.

The plan will expand Visa Application Centres from 60 private sector offices to 150 globally by 2014. It will also give Canada Border Services Agency the discretion to waive fees for certain cases in issuing Temporary Resident Permits.action o

“It is a dubious and intrusive rule,” the TFAP continues. “ … the current process for those refused is overly burdensome and requires substantial supporting documents and records that are not easily available. This rule results in millions of dollars in lost revenue from would-be tourists and has a negative bilateral effect.”

Greg Rickford, a conservative party member of Canada’s parliament, representing the Kenora District of Ontario, has pushed for the one-time exemption, until a long-term solution is found.

“As of March 1, 2012 this goes into full effect,” Rickford said early last week.

Rickford said he’s “championed the cause” on behalf of the tourism industry in northwest Ontario, but the rejection of some Americans with but one offense was felt elsewhere in the country, like British Columbia and in larger cities.

Temporary Solution is Not a Visa

This is a one time exemption for tourism purposes. This is NOT a permanent solution for those that desire more (and continued) visitation to Canada.

As they say, "Just ONE Mistake (a DWI), then Your Welcome to Spend Your Money in Canada"
Those with multiple DWs are not going to qualify under the act. Those with major (Felony) crimes also need not apply under the TFAP.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Remember there are NO guarantees of entry. The customs officers have Complete Discretion to deny, or allow entry to anyone, anytime, regardless of this new policy. But those with one strike are likely to pass muster.

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