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Ithaca Lawyer Attends 2nd Annual Man vs. Machine DWI Seminar in Brooklyn, NY

View Of X-Mas Courthouse from Brooklyn Bridge Marriott

I love going back to Brooklyn, NY. It holds many special memories and magic. This past Friday, December 7, 2012 (a day that will always live in infamy for me) I attended the:

Man versus Machine (aka Breath/Chemical Alcohol Test) Seminar II : Attacking Portable Breath Tests

They have held this seminar for the last 2 years at St. Francis College at 182 Remsen Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. The venue is perfectly located close to the downtown Courthouses and steps from the Brooklyn Bridge.

Steven Epstein is a wonderful NYC DWI attorney who shares with the DWI/DUI/Defense community in a big way. He is the person in back of this event, he organizes the speakers, the materials, and the "nuggets" of practical wisdom he imparts are in a word "priceless."

Steven Epstein, Esq. and Dr. Jennifer Duffy (Forensic Psychologist)

I will devote the next few blog posts to what I took from this seminar, suffice it to say knowledge and wisdom most definitely build and we never stop learning.

First the Machine:

New York State law enforcement currently uses three different breath alcohol testing units, really Chemical Test (this is the official breath test):

1. The Intoxilyzer 5000, used in the boroughs, and of course, NYC
Soon to be updated to the Intoxilyzer 9000 unit. They are made in the good old USA, Kentucky.

The guts of the Intoxilyzer

2. The Draeger, a favorite of the NYS Police (troopers)
3. The Datamaster, upstate (versus downstate) cities, towns, and village police departments

Most attacks of breath testing have common themes and ideas. The machines use similar technology. The Draeger is a dual testing unit with an electrochemical cell and Infrared Spectroscopy testing of breath samples.

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