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Ithaca Tompkins County Ignition Interlock Devices: Hunt's Auto Service

Blessing and Curse, Little Ithaca, New York

Living in a small town is a blessing and a curse. The blessing: Everyone knows you and the curse: everyone knows you. It cuts both ways. Unlike living in South Florida and being surrounded by millions of people we have a more limited population, and a much smaller "living" space.

The Positives of the Small Town

I have met many people that have become my "go tos" for car problems, carpentry problems, medical problems, etc. Our house is Circa 1889 so you can call me if you want a referral. Most of the people I recommend, they live here, they work here, and for the most part they are sincere and genuine. I love that part of Ithaca, as they say don't crap where you eat, these people know, respect, and understand that word of mouth is important and your reputation is everything, especially in a small place like Ithaca.

My "Go To" Car Guys

Hunt's Auto Service are my Go To guys for my cars. They have helped me with inspecting cars, buying cars, fixing cars, and keeping my cars trouble free since I've lived here. They are in my book "straight shooters" and I have seen them refund the disgruntled on more than one occasion. That to me speaks volumes for their integrity. As an attorney, I have seen my share of BS artists come and go. Honesty goes a long way with me, and I believe I can trust them.

Tompkins County Interlock Provider

Hunt's are also the providers of the Intoxalock Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Devices. Can you say,

As an Ithaca Cortland DWI/Criminal Defense Attorney they are a good "go to" for getting one of these in this area. BTW Hunt's does not and has not given me anything to promote or endorse them (although I did get a Hunt's hat on my last oil change). After dealing with these over the past years, none are perfect, but some are better than others IMO. I like Intoxalock. Another BTW, Intoxalock doesn't know me or provide me any freebies, although I like chocolate chip cookies a lot!

I was recently at Hunt's, and had them get some Blizzaks on my car, please don't call them tires, they get insulted,,

I now have Blizzaks on two of my cars, Nice tread, Love these!

While I was at Hunt's I got some great information on the different devices:

First device: Class Level I, it has no camera, it is for Tompkins County DWI convictions with first time DWI convictions. The Punishment (sentencing) level: A Conditional Discharge from the Judge, see my blog post on What is a Conditional Discharge (it was my last post of 2011) here:

or my video, What is a New York Conditional Discharge? here:

Lifesaver Interlock Class I with mouth piece

This device (level One) can just sit on your car seat, you will need to blow (more like hum) into it before you drive and then at various intervals (called rolling checks) while you drive to check for breath alcohol.

Once a Month Check Ups

Once a month (approx. every 30 days) you will return to the installer for a device download. It will be disconnected from the car, and brought inside to be connected to a computer. Once the information concerning your blows is downloaded, off it goes to the County Monitor.

If you receive a sentence of Three Years of Probation for your DWI case then you will need a:

Second Device: Class Level III in Tompkins County.
BTW Many (most) counties Upstate require the Class Level III, even for Conditional Discharge sentences.

Class Level III Interlocks Download Base (under dash)

Class Level III Interlocks MUST have cameras installed as well

The Class Level III will require the installation of a camera which will take your picture upon blowing into the device and while you are driving (random). The installer will need to come out to your car and download via a long cable because the data storage is in the under dash base and not in the device itself.

Device downloads take approx. 15 minutes. Class Level three cost more per month, and take a little longer to install.

Devices get calibrated or checked against know solution of alcohol at a known temperature:

For Warnings and Precautions when using (having) these New York IIDs (Ignition Interlock Devices) see my blog post here:

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