Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ithaca DWI Lawyer Gets Ready to Move to New Digs in May 2014: House for Sale

My wife and I have 4 kids. Three have left the nest and one is only a year away from going off to college. With some trepidation we put the house up for sale today! Just don't need a ton of rooms and space anymore. So our beautiful home/office combo at 504 North Aurora Street is on the block.

We had planned on waiting out the year but they just built this brand new apartment building downtown at 140 Seneca Place. We stopped in to check it out a few months ago, and were blown away. Yes, less than twenty minutes after seeing the posh modern two bedroom two bath apartment with views of downtown Ithaca my wife looked at me and I at her ,,, we have to take it, it won't be there in a month let alone a year. One thing I have learned over the years, grab a good deal or something you really love especially if it's in limited supply. Snooze and you lose. Signing that lease was easy.

I also signed a lease on a modern office suite right across the street from there at the Gateway Plaza (right above Pizza Napoli). The Gateway space has a nice conference room, kitchen, and parking. The plan is I can literally fall out of bed, and land in my new office anytime. Yeah the old downtown house was charming but not so much on heating, cooling, or ventilation. After all it was built in 1889.

BTW Both of these new spaces have all the modern amenities. There is nothing like central air and heat.

And as much as I'll miss our old home and it's front and back porches, the roof top deck with BBQ grill at Seneca Place awaits. I certainly won't miss all the maintenance.

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