Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ithaca Lawyer Asks Why Roundup is NOT Sold or Used in New York State?

I am an observer. I watch people around me, and try to figure things out. Based on their behavior, Who are they, what are their motivations and beliefs? I like to ask questions, sometimes I just ask them in my head, interrogating those around me is not always a friendly thing to do.

Maybe I'm just noisy? Maybe I'm an amateur psychologist or a little psycho? So I'm watching TV and tons of commercials (or is it just me), and the Roundup ad for weed killer is fantastic, it's almost like magic. Who doesn't love a perfectly green lawn? Then the end credits roll, and the NOT TO BE SOLD OR USED IN NEW YORK STATE. It bothers me. And it infuriates me that I can't have access to something so wonderful, why New York? WHY?

Beauty like this comes at a price?

As I live and practice in the great Empire State I am often reminded of how many seeming innocuous things I cannot do here. New York is special, aside from high taxes and great benefits for those masses in need we have a plentitude of laws. As liberal as we think we are, are we really?

Get it sheep/sleep?
New York State is Our Protector

Apparently New York is a watchdog maybe even a guard dog for us New Yorkers. Protecting us Sheepeople from liars and companies that stretch the truth. Well apparently Monsanto, one of the behemoths of the world (numero uno in fertilizer) was sued by the New York Attorney General in 1996 for false advertising of it's popular product Roundup weed killer.

They (Monsanto) described Roundup as "environmentally friendly" and "safe as table salt." It ain't but honestly who cares, it kills weeds and your lawn will look amazing if you use it. Yeah maybe your unborn fetus may come out looking odd or your neighbor may get cancer but hey beauty costs, right?
Just kidding, but 49 states and the rest of the world (most of it) love and use Roundup. Can't I make my own decisions?

How many things does NYS guard against? 

1. In 41 states you can use your cell phone while driving but Not New York State
2. In 21 states (with 12 more pending) we have legal (prescription/medical) marijuana but Not New York State
3. In New York State you cannot order a Saliva hormone or other medical test without a New York doctor's order
4. In New York State you cannot purchase wine (higher alcohol content) in a convenience store or supermarket
5. In New York you can't order wine abroad (even from New Jersey) and have it delivered to New York
6. In New York we have the strictest of gun laws. You cannot own or possess a gun unless you are a NYS resident with a permit even if you are passing through the state.

And the list goes on and on, but does it make life for us better, I guess yes and no. Nice to know someone cares, and yet in my opinion too much protection restricts our freedom as a people.

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