Monday, April 21, 2014

My First Loves, and the Lesson of Resourcefulness

Growing up I had three main interests besides girls. I loved Magic, Photography, and Bodybuilding. These occupied many hours of self- study and energy. My sister thought I had unhealthy obsessions with these things. I would buy magazines, read books, and focus on nothing else.

Constraints Make You Creative

I had limited finances (poor kid from a poor family) so with this as my constraint I looked for used equipment, went to the library, and learned to be resourceful at an early age. Waste nothing, use everything, and make the most of what I had. I can still remember the New York library section for magic to this day, 793.8.

My little basement gym turned into a crucible for change, this grew over time as I accumulated mismatched weights, odd bars, and benches. With these I learned valuable lessons. No pain no gain. I learned that there was a price to pay for everything I wanted. That I would pay this price in advance for what I wanted. If I worked hard enough and long enough I too could succeed.

I went down to that basement Brooklyn gym night after night with one goal in mind, build myself, and show them. Them being all those with, with the luxuries, with the advantages, and with the resources. That driving force led to a 3rd place NYS Powerlifting trophy (NYS Amateur), a basement darkroom, and a magic performance to NYC Mayor Beame.

That same mentality, brought me to earning professional degrees, passing multiple bar exams, building very successful businesses, and having a wonderful wife.

Too Many Advantages Can Be a Disadvantage

I believe that companies and people that give themselves permission to spend to build and create do themselves a disservice. Having finite resources or thinking you do forces you to go outside the box. To make more and do more with what you do have fosters and encourages deep reflection. I believe that having too much or a mentality of wastefulness leads to aimlessness.

Doing the most with what you have is a philosophy. It is my ideology that truth comes from the bottom, from your core, comes from when you are running on fumes, comes when you become real and authentic, comes from being lean, and from being hungry. As Arnold used to joke, you gotta Stay Hungry to win and continue winning.

Success by Formula NOT Chance or Luck

I tell you all of this not to try and impress you with what I have done or accomplished. I share this because I believe that ANYONE can exceed their hopes and dreams. Having a focus, putting your energy, time, and resources into it wholeheartedly, and then following through by giving back to others is the KEY. Being good at anything and achieving anything you truly desire is not by luck or chance. Although amazing opportunities that seem like sheer luck for these may pop up along the way as your momentum builds.

Who I was as a Chiropractor, who I am as a lawyer, husband, father, and man are directly related to embracing the lesson of resourcefulness. Making the most (and doing the most) with what you have is the Winning Formula. Often having less or nothing at all is far better than unlimited resources.