Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ithaca Cortland Lawyer The Privileged

I have this new disease called CRS (can't remember stuff). Maybe it is brought on by maturity. No really, when getting older you may get wiser, but your memory for some things just ain't there. I write things down. It is said, a short pencil is better than a long memory.

But there are "certain" specific moments in my education (and life) that I can remember as if they happened yesterday. I have had a handful of inspired teachers. People so enthusiastic about their subject matter that they were infectious.

One such person was Dr. Joseph Janse. He was the president of the National College of Chiropractic (now the National University of Health Sciences) in Lombard, Illinois. A man of great understanding and wisdom. He shared his love for and of the body whenever and wherever he spoke. He said and I paraphrase, "you are one of a few lucky people, one who will be able to see and know the beauty of
G-d's greatest miracle."

The Privileged

He was speaking of our privilege to take courses in the subject of Gross Anatomy. We had over a year of anatomy labs (spanning hundreds of hours) in which we had the privilege to dissect donated bodies. We took our time, layer by layer, organ by organ, to discover and uncover all the wonders of this miraculous machine. Physiology courses helped us to understand how the body would function but anatomy was the core of how things were arranged, organized, and designed. Dr. Janse said, "you cannot deny the existence of a power greater than yourselves after seeing the intricacy of this brilliant design." This was certainly no chaotic universe and G-d exists.

I have had one other teacher give me goose bumps along the same trajectory. It was in law school. Another inspired professor said it was a privilege to see how our government and laws was organized. How our system of checks and balances was designed by enlightened minds inspired by G-d. Once again the word,  privileged, and once again I felt blessed and fortunate. The more I studied the law, the more things would make sense. Things fit together and there was a reason behind so many seemingly unrelated areas.

I really believe that we who practice (law and the health sciences), and have had the peek behind the proverbial curtain so to speak are truly privileged. Knowing what we know, sharing what we know, and helping others with and through that insight is truly the greatest of gifts.

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