Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Owego Village Court is Cold

This morning I had an initial appearance in Owego Village Court. I drive down route 96 from Ithaca. Owego sits between Elmira to the West and Binghamton to the East.

This Court, Village, and Town is old. Circa 1787, 224 years is something.

Located at 90 Temple Street, Downtown Owego, right off the main drag into town. It is a grand old building. The police station and the Court are in the same building but on different floors.

 There is currently a large dumpster in front that I kept out of the pictures.

You enter to the Courthouse (room upstairs) through the Police Station entrance.

This was my first time down there since last year's big flood. This water damage affected thousands of people, businesses, and state offices. The water in my basement up in Ithaca was a small issue compared to the magnitude of their flooding. These folks (from Tioga county to Broome county) had major destruction on their hands. When I drove through downtown Owego after the water receded it looked like a war zone.

There was so much property up on the sidewalks, and with most businesses shut down it was a sad sight. Well apparently, the Owego Village Court, and Police station don't have any heat or cooling. Thank G-d there was a space heater in the front of the Court room. It was in the 30s outside but it felt colder inside. I guess we expect our inner spaces to be comfortable. When I went in the little private room to speak with the ADA it was downright freezing (no heater).

I like downtown Owego, it will revive and make a comeback. All the architecture here is very quaint.

The Owego Village Court is NOT the Owego Town Court. They are located in different places, buildings, and locations. Village is in Owego, Town is in Apalachin. Unlike the village/town of Candor, not too far up the road which houses both their village and town courts in the same courthouse/building.
This is common in upstate New York, village and town courts close by one another. One it comes to phone calls, faxes, mailings, letters, correspondences, be aware of this!

Owego Village Court
90 Temple Street
Owego, NY

The Owego Town Court on Route 434 (a few miles outside of town) next to the State Trooper barracks. That is Apalachin, New York, 13732. They patrol all along highway 17/86.

BTW great Italian restaurant down the road from the Town Court is Bud's restaurant. All fresh, bring cash (no checks, credit cards, etc.). Not for those on a diet. Pizza and cheesy pastas. Bud's is dinner only.

Also a bit further down is my old favorite diner the Blue Dolphin, also on 434.

Lawrence Newman, D.C., Esq.
504 North Aurora Street
Ithaca, NY 14850