Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ithaca Lawyer-Chiropractor The Wonders of Electricity & Healing

Most people never stop their day, and marvel at just how miraculously their bodies function. They call them EEGs, EKGs, and EMGs for a reason. The big “E” is for electrical. We run on this electrical current. Electricity is manufactured in the brain via chemical reactions. This wonderful current conducts, and controls our body’s functions. Crudely speaking we are a mass configuration of various pumps. Pumping organs on the inside (heart, lungs, liver, etc.) and outside (skeletal muscles).

We have two types of systems: one is called the sympathetic and the other the para-sympathetic. One speeds things up, and one slows things down. When they functioning in a normal, healthy, and balanced rhythm these are a beautiful symphony to behold. I have been privileged in two wonderful professions: Chiropractic and Law. Seeing the inside workings of the body, and the inside working of the legal system have revealed to me an organization beyond the surface chaos.

How Injuries Affect Flow

The body functions best as a dynamic mass of movement. Stagnant pools harbor death and disease. Much the same way static (stopping) blocks to an otherwise constantly moving and pulsating self healing system create the build up of toxins. What many serious injuries to the body do is primarily disrupt electrical currents. An accident creates damages to a organ which then trigger an inflammatory response (swelling, blood) which then can cause a block, a compression, and/or a slowing of normal flow. Flow of electrical current is slowed or stopped completely by a fracture, displacement, dislocation, rip, tear, or impact to an area.  The consequences of this disruption in the tissues are that the body cannot remove toxins or move blood successfully. Further blocking down the line causes a domino effect, remember all systems are interdependent upon one another, and this leads to further disease.

Feedback Loops

Electricity is also part and parcel of a feedback loop. Destruction of body tissue leads to a communication breakdown. The organ cannot relay what it needs or requires to the brain. Supplies never arrive or arrive late to a sick or damaged area. A divorced muscle or internal organ will eventually whither and die.

Documentation of Injuries

Diagnosis is the discovery of causation. Getting to the root cause of a problem is the only hope of applying appropriate and proper treatment to an injury. Electrical studies after an accident are a key to not only objectively documenting the effects of an injury upon the body but more importantly uncovering the source of disturbance to nerve flow. Determining the level of function post accident (event) is crucial to treatment.

Measuring how the brain and peripheral nerves are functioning after an accident can yield a definite diagnosis. During the course of treatment re-testing can then determine whether or not the treatment is effective (working favorably).  If it is not working to assist the body’s healing, then new measures (more invasive or aggressive) like surgical intervention can be considered.

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