Monday, January 2, 2012

Legally Never Place The Cart Before the Horse or Why Patience is a Virtue?

I deal with people. People are impatient as a general rule. They want everything to be done at once. Simultaneously they want everything rectified, fixed, certified, and finalized. The problem is life, the courts, and the NYS DMV don't work that way.

There is an order, often a procedure or procedures, and a process. What might of happened in a brief moment may take months to correct. A simple violation compounded by time, and perhaps further infractions (offenses) may take a bit of effort to unravel.

Compounding this, People's memories are at times "selective," and they have chosen (consciously or unconsciously) to forget about some past mistakes. Whether in the form of unpaid fines, unanswered mail, or unattended hearings... All these "uns" can add up and believe me when I tell you that the DMV clerks, the Court clerks, and the state of New York is not going to forget about you.

So each and every legal problem or issue goes through a process. Step by step we must first:

#1 What the issues are? 

What is outstanding? What is needed? Who wants something? What do they want or require? This requires investigation and discovery (uncovering your past perhaps).

#2 What are the options? 

There may be choices. There may be different ways to accomplish the same result.

#3 How fast or soon or quickly can I have a resolution? 

Closure has great value and fast closure is priceless. I recognize this. Sometimes cheap is dear. Paying the least expensive lawyer may get the job done BUT When? I know lawyers with hundreds of open files. Do you want to join their list? Be my guest. I have taken over cases/situations that had lingered for years (like open sores). Brag that you found a lawyer for $99, and then watch what happens, nothing! At those fees your case may be out sourced to India or China, only kidding but you get my point.

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