Monday, April 4, 2011

The Chronic DWI: Breaking the Spiraling Pattern of Destruction

As a DWI defense lawyer I see both the one time isolated drunk driving events as well as the long term- habitual-chronic alcohol dependent problem drinkers. If this is a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th DWI and/or drinking/drugging/driving arrest then we have an issue that needs to be addressed. The exposure to prison time is very great when dealing with multiples. I believe these people need treatment (in whatever form that works for them) Not incarceration (county jail/ state prison).

If the causation of a problem is not corrected then the cycle continues. I hate to see a waste of human potential, to me it is sad. Many Judges will give 2nd chances, some will give 3rd chances, but eventually there will be a day of reckoning. I believe it would be better if people broke the cycle of self destrcution early. Faced up to whatever issue/issues that they are carrying around with them head on.

I do have some success stories. I'd like to believe that I can make a difference, and have an impact on a life now and again. Defense is not just getting people off. Not just finding police mistakes. Not just suppressing evidence. Defense also means counseling and guiding people to higher ground. To new beginnings for themselves, and those who love them. No we can never go back and unring a bell, or undue what has occured but we can transform ourselves for the better.

Here is one such story of a young man, with a 2nd Felony DWI that I counseled, when he posted this review I shed tears for I believe he really listened and is making a change,

I was a senior in college when I got my 2nd DW no injuries thank god (I never imagined I would get another. I am a 24 yr old recovering alcoholic). I immediately went into a depression and had no idea what would come of my life. I talked to other lawyers and they all wanted to charge me double what Mr. Newman charged me. No other attorney gave me there undivided attention, and were quick to judge me. This was the last thing I needed. When I talked to Mr. Newman he answered the very first call and listened to everything I had to say. I told him I would like him to represent me and he immediately informed the court that he would be my lawyer. He is not a typical lawyer who just cares about getting paid. He met with me and learned who I was as a person. He suggested to me to start getting alcohol counseling to deal with my disease (now I have been sober for over a year). He was completely honest with me on what could happen and what he thought would happen. He helped me deal with the emotional burden that comes with a DWI. He pointed out that I am still young and have time to get back on the path of becoming successful as long as I give up alcohol. I was facing 5 years in state prison (served no jail time). I was facing a $5000.00 fine (only had to pay $2000.00). In the darkest time of my life, Mr. Newman cared, and helped me find a light. I also told him I was thinking about switching careers (B.A in Education) to Social Work. He pointed out that many people with similar problems as mine have gone on to have great careers in Social Work. He pointed out Drug and Alcohol Counseling. I am now pursuing a career in that. The most impressive thing to me about Mr. Newman is that to reapply for my drivers license I had to have an attorney write a letter to the court requesting it. While many attorneys could do this for $, Mr. Newman did it for free. I highly recommend Mr. Newman for anyone dealing with the terrible situation of DWI. Not only because he is a good lawyer, but because he is also a man of great moral character.

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