Friday, April 8, 2011

Ithaca Lawyer The Coming of Spring and Lou on The Commons

One of the things I love about downtown Ithaca besides the restaurants are the fairs, festivals, and the street vendors. The one constant I see every spring is the arrival of "Lou" back to the Commons. Lou is out there regularly, not just for special occasions. He stations his hotdog/sausage/chicken kabob cart right across from Bank of America. Lou's food is fresh, fast, and good. You can get grilled peppers with your choice of meat, and a nice roll to boot for a few bucks. His personality comes across in everything he serves.

Closeup and Beautiful Pictures of Lou's food here:

credit to an excellent photographer, Mark H. Anbinder

To me Lou is Ithaca, and Ithaca is Lou. He is an Ithaca fixture. He aims to please his customers. It is nice to be able to grab a bite to eat in between court hearings whether at the City of Ithaca, Town of Ithaca, or Tompkins County Courthouse (all are within a few blocks of Lou).

Spring and Summer are soon coming, and I am excited to welcome back "our local hot dog guy."

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