Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ithaca Lawyer "Strategies For Defending DWI Cases In New York"

Last year I was approached by Thomson/West (a legal publisher) to write a chapter in their 2011 edition of their "Inside The Minds" series of books on DWI defense.

Honestly, at first I thought that their e-mail (out of the blue) was a joke or a scam. Apparently they had read my blogs, my articles, and checked me out before asking me. I was honored to be asked, and then realized I had to write to fellow lawyers about law and legal strategies. With that pressure in my mind, I wrote, then I revised, edited, rewrote, and was almost happy becoming increasingly neurotic about getting it "right."

Well my chapter, and my appendices (they asked if I would share) my Client Agreement, my client handouts on PSIs (pre-sentence investigations), and drug/alcohol evaluations all came out great. I dedicated the writing to my father on account that he taught me many years ago never to do anything half way.

My hope is that this book can help my fellow New York lawyers do a better job of defending, and representing their DWI clients.