Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Learning the Latest "Criminal Defense Tactics and Techniques" at RIT

Some go to seminars to satisfy their mandatory credit hours, also called CLEs (Continuing Legal Education), others go to network with other attorneys, and the last faction go to conferences to learn. I am in this last sub-group because I believe if you are not enjoying what you are doing you are in fact doing a disservice for your clients. Who wants to be represented by an uninspired attorney? Who wants to be treated by an uninspired doctor?

I seek out people and organizations who are "into" what they are doing. I want cooks to be excited about their cooking. I want people who sell me flowers to be knowledgeable in helping me select the right ones. They bring their passion to the subject and their performance. Law is art and science. It takes knowledge but also diligent application. Thats why I love seminars. I get to keep up on the latest law, and build on my skills.

There was a NYS Defenders Association Seminar in Rochester, NY this past Saturday. Rochester Institute of Technology hosted 125 plus lawyers from around the state who listened to some of New York's best defense attorneys.

Subjects ranged from:
Recent Developments in NYS criminal law, Issues with Social Networking on Facebook and Twitter, Cross Examining Cops at Trial, and Creative Plea Negotiation Strategies. All in all I came away with some new ideas, perspectives, and things I could immediately implement in my practice.

Practice for me is about growth as much as anything else. If I'm not better next year than this one, something is terribly wrong.

So thoughts for today:

1. Do Not post anything online that you don't want the whole world to see. Nothing online is private or really yours (btw whatever site you are posting to owns it, not you, read the fine print).

2. Any online statements, pictures, etc. can and will be used against you both civilly and criminally.

3. Our constitutional rights are being rapidly eroded by the high courts. Do not expect privacy in your car. Do not transport illegal things in your car or do illegal things in your car. You are asking for trouble.

4. Do not make any statements to the Police. Learn the four word phrase, "I WANT A LAWYER."
say nothing else!

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