Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ithaca Cortland DWI Lawyer Discusses Pre-sentence Investigations?

FAQs about the Felony PSI = Pre Sentence Investigation

When is a Felony PSI ordered?

After every plea of guilt to a felony level crime or a finding of guilt to a felony level offense the Court (Judge) MUST order a PSI.

How do we usually get to the Felony plea?

The majority of felony pleas occur by way of an SCI (Superior Court Information). The SCI in the best of terms is an agreement, a contract of sorts between you, and the DA. It is a deal, a plea bargain. The terms of the agreement will include a recommendation, sometimes a high (maximum) or a low(minimum) amount or number of county jail, state prison, community service, fines, etc. The SCI plays an important part of the process to save the Court and the District Attorney time and effort

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