Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hot News in Cold Times: Ithaca Lawyer Gets a New Roof

My old house (home/office combo) downtown Ithaca at 504 North Aurora is getting a new roof. It had three layers of old shingles with little to no insulation beneath. This is a house built in 1889. The roof is at least 30 or 40 years old. So it was most definitely time.

Check this out, the tear down,,,

                                           Big Dumpster full of old shingle and roof

                                           The yard is a mess

We are using a great little company: Four Seasons Roofing. Aaron is my guy. I called several companies locally, and in Binghamton. Many never even returned my calls. Which makes me question, "Does anyone want to work?" He was the most straight forward, and direct. He showed up when he said he would, and has a great reputation. He and his guys walk on a steep angled roof like mine as if it was flat. Watching the guys work (they start in the dark at 630am) I was impressed with their work ethic. They definitely put in a "FULL" days work, no bs. They ate lunch on my porch, and went back to it.

Four Seasons Roofing: Roof Specialists
3203 Kellys Corners Road
Interlaken, NY


                                            Looking Good with new shingles:

Located only three short blocks from Tompkins County Courthouse, this whole area of Fall Creek is absolutely lovely, and a throwback to simpler times. Old homes like this one are an investment in the future of Ithaca. As they say, "they don't make 'em like they used to."

Good for another 30 years, 2041 here we come.

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