Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ithaca Lawyer: Why You Can't Afford to Pretend it will just All go Away...

Well that's a mouthful but the truth is I get calls from people who do just that. They pretend that a criminal charge or a violation is just going to go away. They get stopped, charged, arrested, get notice to attend a Court hearing and then they... just blow it off. Some move, some just avoid the mail, and some change their phone number. Trust me when I tell you, "The government is never going to forget about you." As they say, "they got your number (s)."

Guess what? It never goes away until you deal with it. And it feels bad to most normal (healthy) people to have things hanging over their head. I meet up with enough unhealthy people to know. Because they have to walk and drive around with this dread. Knowing they are one car stop away from being arrested.

I had one client, got a NY DWI, left the state, started a new life, got married, had kids but he could never get a driver's license. Lived a perfectly clean life (paid his taxes, worked, and stayed out of trouble). So he drove with anxiety for 15 years until he decided to return to NYS, and deal with his charges. He told me he was willing to do jail time to get his life back in order. That's how much it sucks to have outstanding stuff.

Instead we negotiated a fine (BTW it doesn't always work out that way). He is now finally sleeping soundly, and driving his kids to school without the black cloud. He got his driver's license back, he is as they say a "re-formed" man.

Do not ever let something (violations or misdemeanors) go on and on without resolution. The cost to you, your family, and your emotional well being is far beyond money.

Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Newman, D.C., J.D.
Doctor of Chiropractic and Attorney at Law
Criminal Defense and Personal Injury