Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Avoca Wayland Speeding Lawyer Captures the Beauty of Campbell, NY

Kraft Foods in Campbell, NY
This is the "big" deal around here

I get around. Today I'll be down in Broome County for an appearance on an AUO 3rd (Aggravated Unlicensed Operation) in Union Town Court. My client is an out-of-towner (Florida) who was just passing through upstate and who never took care (forgot about) of a old NYS speeding ticket from three years ago. Driving on a license (privilege) that "you know or should have reason to know" is suspended  is a misdemeanor (a crime in New York).

On AUO's some Courts (Judges) allow me to appear on a client's behalf without them having to travel back up to New York. But last night I was out in Steuben County on an ADWI (Aggravated DWI). I made good time getting out there so I took some pictures, as I say, I captured Campbell.

The little Town of Campbell sits right off I-17/86. It's exit 41, and you can't miss it! Campbell is just alittle past Corning, NY. There is a Kraft Foods plant literally adjacent to the freeway. There are nice gas stations in both directions off the freeway here as well. This is a busy highway, lots of trucks use this road which cuts through the center of the state. Speed limit 65mph, except in work zones, 55mph or less (always check posted limits).


There is a State Trooper's Barracks, one exit up at EXIT 42 so watch out!

I-17 and I-86 are the same. 86 is probably more appropriate since it is an even number, and runs East to West.

Town Court in Campbell is on Monday nights, starts at around 5:00. Judge Douglas Horton is on the bench solo. The Court is punctual and organized. The other Judge (Judge Vernard Anderson) recently moved.

As Town Courthouses go, this is a nice one. Bright and airy, it has a 70's rustic feel to it. Perfect for the mountain setting. The Court staff are pleasant to work with as well.

                        Across the street from Town of Campbell Court is the Campbell Methodist Church.

Just a few blocks down from Court is this little country grocery. Don't see this in the big city.

Phone for Court: 607-527-8244
Fax for Court:    607-527-8218

The street and mailing address (are the same)   8529 Main Street, Campbell, NY 14821

 Always consult with an attorney about any criminal or non-criminal charges you have pending to discuss your options and/or defenses.



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