Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ithaca Lawyer: New Books for a New Year

Well 2012 is right around the corner. I know this because it is getting cold here in Ithaca, NY. As much as I love this place the winters can be G-d awful cold. That whipping wind cold that goes deep into your bones and literally freezes your face. I had a friend visit me once in January (people gotta really like you to come to Ithaca in the winter or even at all) and I took him for a little city tour, half way through walking (about 20 minutes) he commented that I was crazy for living here. Then he said he was done being outside, too cold!!

But Winter is a great time in Ithaca to read. A time to re-group, and get new books. As much as I like digital media there are some books that do not come online (from Apple or Amazon). This is too bad because although I like the ease of my ipad, the new "Handling the DWI Case in New York" by Gerstenzang and Sills (the NYS DWI bible) is over 1600 pages and weighs in at,,, get this,,, almost 4 lbs. It is the sine quo non of all things NYS DWI. Pouring through it to note the new stuff (new cases, new interpretations of law) is fun and challenging.

My task this year is to again take what is complicated (NYS law, procedures, process), and disseminate to and for others. I believe we live in miraculous times. Computers, email, google, iphones, wow!! I am having fun. Incredible and magical. We all have the ability to share and communicate our experiences. As I tell my kids, use all your potential for these are truly magical times filled with opportunity.

Lawrence Newman, D.C., Esq.
Chiropractor and Lawyer